Day 2 – Best Tools at SEMA Show 2022

SEMA Show Day 2 FI

Best Tools at SEMA Show 2022 – Day 2

After a full day on our 1st Day at SEMA Show 2022 there’s no rest for the weary. There are still tons of tools and equipment to see here in Las Vegas. We compile another great list this day from JM3, AIM, Milwaukee, Omni-Wall, Zero Degree gearless ratchets, and more. Enjoy the show!

Zero Degree Exo-Fit Extreme Access Ratcheting Wrench

These Exo-Fit Extreme Access wrenches haven’t hit the market yet, but they could be a great fit for those hard-to-reach nuts and bolts. The ability to not only flex the wrench in two places but also index the head allows for unique angles.

Milwaukee 2117 REDLITHIUM USB Neck Light

Another LED light under the Big Red light tree. Milwaukee seems to have a light for just about any occasion. In fact, we created a whole video just for Milwaukee Mechanic’s Lights, so you may want to check that out. You can get this Neck Light for $99.

Milwaukee Neck Light at ACME Tools

AIM Panel Beater Battery Powered Welder

The Panel Beater is powered by the onboard 12V AGM battery, which is plenty of power for all-day use. Just plug the 110V power cord in and a few hours later the battery is fully charged. American Innovative Manufacturing is located in Washington state and its products are made in the USA.

Zero Degree Gearless Ratchets and Wrenches

No more pawls and teeth to engage. These ratchets and wrenches from Zero-Degree use a one-way bearing design that eliminates the need for teeth and that clickity-click sound. The results are a very smooth tool with virtually no slack.

Clean with STEAM – Optima Steamer


Steam not only cleans but in most cases also disinfects as well. Optima Steamer has several models of steamers used in the detailing industry which allows you to cut back on water and cleaning products. This process works on interiors, exteriors, and even under the hood.

JM3 Oil Filter Wrench

A brand new idea for oil filter wrenches. Made in the USA.

Made in the USA Industrial Shop Tables – BadA$$ Workbench

Workbenches and shop equipment made in the USA and made with the worker in mind.

Detailers Dream Organization with OmniWall

OmniWall manufactures its own metal pegboard right here in the USA, in its own plant. They offer kits for different trades, such as this kit for car detailers.

Get it at OmniWall

Koken USA – Japanese Engineering and Manufacturing

Don’t miss day 3 of the SEMA Show 2022.



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