DeWalt POWERSTACK 20V MAX Battery Event Video



BALTIMORE, MD, October 13, 2021. We were invited to the unveiling of the new DeWalt POWERSTACK 20V MAX batteries. Stanley Black and Decker (DeWalt parent company) requested our appearance, but they wouldn’t tell us what it was about. In fact, before the trip, we had to sign NDA’s, Release Waivers, and even draw blood. Not the blood part, but we did have to take a rapid COVID-19 test onsite, before entering.


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Once on the bus headed to the event space, DeWalt head honchos informed us that the embargo was lifted. In short, this meant that we could cover the event live and let everyone know about it. Up to this point, we were to remain hush-hush until October 25. The 25-ish of us entered a dark room awaiting the big surprise. Was it a room full of DeWalt drones, or was it a battery-power trike? Once the smoke cleared, the DeWalt POWERSTACK 20V was born (at least to us).

POWERSTACK Power, Size, and Weight

In a nutshell, current tool batteries are made from cylindrical style Lithium-ion batteries, the same as Tesla batteries too. These new DeWalt POWERSTACK batteries are made from more of a pouch or packet style batteries. This new style of battery is also found in drones and radio-controlled cars/trucks. POWERSTACK batteries offer 50% more power while also taking up 25% less space with 15% less weight. In addition, users can also expect to get double the number of charges from traditional batteries.


After using these new DeWalt batteries in several tools, they are impressive for the power-to-weight ratio. At this point, the 1.7Ah batteries solely complete the platform, but we expect more POWERSTACK offerings in the near future. Expect to see these new DeWalt batteries hit the shelves in December 2021.

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