GearWrench Introduces Their New Brand Identity

GearWrench Rebranding
 GearWrench, a subsidiary of Apex Tools, Inc., recently announced their new rebranding campaign. The company sees their new identity embodying the brand’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing and innovation. The GearWrench rebranding will affect everything from the logo treatment to the overall aesthetic of their tools and product design. The new Gearwrench logo, “Forge Ahead,” communicates the brand’s attitude toward forward-thinking.
It’s great to see GearWrench moving forward and strategizing to set their brand apart. We have reviewed many of their tools here at STR and they fit the Pro category. It’s no doubt that their namesake, like the Gearwrench 120XP Universal Spline, has changed the whole wrench industry. It forced the other tool companies to join the fight, or be left behind. We now have more versatile wrenches because of Gearwrench.

From GearWrench


“The GearWrench brand has grown remarkably over the past 20 years. We’ve undertaken this comprehensive new brand identity program to reflect that progress. This new visual identity will help communicate the high quality of our products, our customer-focused culture, and our commitment to innovation.”

-Ray Smith, VP Marketing, North American Hand Tools

Company Growth

The logo that preceded the GearWrench rebranding efforts reflected the power and personality that the company has tried to espouse since its inception in 1996. GearWrench’s first foray into the professional-grade market brought about a ratcheting combination wrench. Designed with high-strength forged construction, a fine-tooth ratcheting mechanism, and a compact head, GearWrench’s first wrench provided improved access in tight workspaces. Users were able to finish jobs quickly and with minimal fuss.GearWrench Rebranding

Since that first wrench, the GearWrench brand continued to grow, producing a wide assortment of automotive and industrial tools. The success of the first effort allowed the company to grow into manufacturing ratchets and sockets, torque wrenches, screwdrivers and nut drivers, pliers, impact sockets, striking tools, and tool storage.

The new tagline encapsulates the brand’s vision of continuing to bring durable, high-grade innovation to the tool market. Smith went on to say, “GearWrench has had a reputation for innovation since the beginning. The new ‘Forge Ahead’ tagline will resonate with users in every market we serve, whether it’s automotive, industrial, commercial, or one of the many other places where you’ll find GearWrench tools at work.”

GearWrench Rebranding

GearWrench RebrandingIn an effort to demonstrate GearWrench’s commitment to quality, continual growth, and innovation, the new brand identity program will affect new product designs. The GearWrench rebranding campaign will also bring a redesign to the company’s social media graphics, advertising, packaging, displays, business forms, catalogs and brochures, and much more.


In addition to the total redesign of the GearWrench aesthetic, a substantial marketing campaign has been thrown behind the brand. In 2017, GearWrench partnered with Nascar and Chip Ganassi Racing. They’ve also begun a comprehensive multi-media advertising campaign. The company claims that the new initiative has seen extreme success.
“Our 2017 marketing initiatives have all exceeded our expectations. Brand awareness, social media engagement, and sales results all point to the fact that our efforts are generating significant positive sentiment for the GearWrench brand.”
-Curt Weber, Senior Director, Brand Management

Looking forward, the company plans to continue expanding their redesigned product line. By the end of 2017, GearWrench projects that they will have 4,100 different products available for purchase. To learn more, visit

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