Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech Fan Preview

Do you sweat when you work, even when you’re in the shop? You need one of the new Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech fan units. With fans ranging from an 8 – 24 ft. diameter, they have you covered. Moving air at a rate up to 425,000 cfm should keep things circulating pretty well.


Go Fan Yourself, of  Schaumburg, IL, is a visionary company that redefined and reinvented the HVLS fan industry with the Z-Tech fan. It is their goal to be the best fan company, and that means delivering superior products and exceptional customer care. At Go Fan Yourself, they do more than help companies improve their work environments — they also strive to make the world a better place. They do so by supporting agencies like The Cradle, one of the foremost adoption agencies in the country.

Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech Fan

Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech Fan Features

HVLS – High Volume Low Speed – fans are not necessarily anything new to the market. However, Go Fan Yourself is including patent-pending technology to differentiate them from the rest. They claim to have a cooling effect of up to 10 degrees. This is a pretty big temperature swing without the use of a compressor and refrigerant.


The symmetrical blade design of the Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech fan allows the fan to run in reverse with as much efficiency. This also allows for aiding in cooling and heating. Blades on the Z-Tech fan not only have an extreme 20˚-plus pitch, but they also include steps. Air flow across these steps increases the displacement of the Z-Tech fan, hence they can cover a lot more square footage.


GFY Z-Tech ControllerIn addition to the steep pitch on the blades, Go Fan Yourself also implemented a pitched-hub that helps eliminate a dead zone at the fan’s center. It’s not only the fan where innovation sizzles; furthermore, they designed a unique controller that runs up to 25 fans from a single location. The controller can also be installed up to 200 feet from the fan. The ABB controller has customizable programming and is Ethernet compatible, so you can link to your building’s network.

Safety and Regulations

Blowing the doors off is not the only focus with the Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech Fan. Also important to them is your safety under and around their fans. Guy wires are made of 1/8” stainless steel aircraft cable to ensure that the fan does not pitch one way or another, resulting in blade impact to ceiling. Safety cables made from 5/16” stainless steel aircraft cable is added security for the mount bolted to the rafter, as well as where the fan bolts to the mount. All Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech fan units meet applicable OSHA, ASHRAE and UL regulations.

Air Movement And Efficiency Benefits

  • Largest coverage and most CFM output
  • Up to 40,000 sq. ft. de-stratification coverage
  • 425,000 CFM output
  • Up to 10-degree evaporative cooling effect
  • Symmetrical blade design for winter heating
  • Virtually maintenance-free (20,000-hour inspection interval)
  • Low power consumption (3.15 amps)
  • Quiet operation; industry-low dBA
  • Lifetime warranty on blades, hub and mounting system
  • 15-year warranty on motor, gearbox and controller


Final Words

Functionality and technology coming together in a fan that looks this cool, we can’t wait to get our hands on one! If you have a shop without any cooling, do your employees a favor and buy a Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech fan. With a lifetime warranty on blades, hub and mounting system and a 15-year warranty on the motor, gearbox and controller, durability should not be of concern.

If you would like more information on the Z-Tech series of fans, please click here.


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