Greenworks Commercial 82V Cordless Chainsaw Review Video

Greenworks 82V Cordless Chainsaw
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  • Power
  • Battery Life
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use

Final Thoughts

It’s not everyday that you need a chainsaw, but when you do, you need it to work flawlessly. This is why you need to think seriously about the Greenworks Commercial GS180 82V cordless chainsaw. Included in the kit is an 18-inch and 16-inch Oregon bar and chain.

Don’t you hate fighting with pre-mix fuel in your chainsaw, especially if it’s sat idle for any length of time? With the Greenworks 82V cordless chainsaw, you no longer have to worry about premix or fuel going bad. You no longer have to worry about fuel, period. The GS180 is always ready to go and the Lithium Ion batteries hardly discharge when in storage.

We didn’t play around with the GS180, we put it right to work. A few months ago, we had our typical Central Florida thunderstorms for a few days in a row. Along with the saturated soil and the sugar-sand where it’s rooted, one of our 60+ foot oak trees decided to lay down. This was a great opportunity to do some real-world testing with the Greenworks 82V 18-inch chainsaw.

We cut up the whole tree into logs and branches 3-feet long or shorter, and did this completely with the Greenworks GS180 82V cordless chainsaw. We used a 12-inch log to do some more scientific testing. With one fully charged 82V battery, we were able to make almost 8 cuts in succession through the 12-inch oak log. These results were achieved with the included 82V 2.5AH battery.


Greenworks 82V Cordless Chainsaw Features

  • Brushless Motor
  • Automatic Bar and Chain Oiler
  • Transparent Bar Oil Tank
  • Electronic Brake
  • Steel Buckling Spikes
  • Rubber-Gripped Metal Handle
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Includes:
    • Blow-molded Case
    • 16-Inch Oregon Bar
    • 16-Inch Oregon Chain
    • 18-inch Oregon Bar
    • 18-inch Oregon Chain
    • Chainsaw Wrench


Final Cut

It was very easy to control the Greenworks 82V cordless chainsaw, as well as the power was very impressive. This may not be the first choice for a tree professional or logger, but it’s a great option for the professional lawn engineer or for a tradesman that needs to cut limbs and small trees.

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