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construction academy

Here in Polk County, Florida, we’ve been blessed with a school system that has started to place an emphasis on the trades for local high schoolers. And, one of our local schools has set up a model Construction Academy to teach students how to build…well, everything.


Construction Academy: Not Your Father’s Shop Class

The construction academy focuses on giving students a real-world education in construction. It works in conjunction with the local builder’s association (PCBA). Students learn how to install windows and doors, pour concrete, produce architectural millwork, and even build houses. Students also take classes in engineering and computer design. Instructors expect to have students on time to class, five days a week. Additionally, students will punch in and out on a time clock every day.

Because this first construction academy has been a wild success, four more high schools in the county plan to adopt this educational model. Hopefully, this idea takes off in other counties and states, especially as we’ve seen workforce shortages in many of the trade fields.





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