K Tool Recovery Tow Rope

Who hasn’t been stuck to the axle in your work or personal vehicle? Even more, how many times have you seen someone else in this precarious situation, immobile and seemingly helpless? It’s time to remedy this altogether with a K Tool recovery tow rope. KTI released a full line of six recovery tow ropes that are rated from 7,400 to 74,000 pounds. Depending on what you drive, you can choose the recovery tow rope that fits your needs.


Made with double braided nylon, each K Tool recovery tow rope provides superior strength, flexibility and durability. To enhance durability, K Tool coats each recovery tow rope with an ultraviolet resistant and waterproof polymer. In addition to the durability, each tow rope is highly elastic, which makes these K Tool recovery tow ropes and excellent choice for off-road and snatching applications.

Better and Stronger Than Steel

Traditional steel cables like to curl, kink, bend and pinch themselves, especially with age. Also, chains can be a very dangerous choice for pulling or snatching. Each K Tool recovery tow rope is stronger, lighter and safer than their steel counterparts, and they are even stronger than nylon cables as well. These braided nylon ropes don’t fall prone to the kinks, bends and pinches as do cables, and they are a much safer choice. Furthermore, these K Tool recovery tow ropes even float, so they’re easily visible even when in and around the water. Each rope comes with a mesh bag that vents moisture away to keep the tow rope conditioned for its next use.

About K Tool International

K Tool Recovery Tow RopeK Tool International (KTI), based in Wixom, Michigan, designs, develops and manufactures over 3,000 hand tools, equipment, specialty tools and accessory items.  Serving the aftermarket and professional mechanic through distribution since 1984, KTI has implemented a business model that combines marketing and distribution of innovative, value-priced, high quality tools with industry-leading customer service and support.

K Tool Recovery Tow Rope Features and Benefits

  • Double braided nylon rope is extremely strong and flexible
  • Durable, UV resistant, waterproof polymer coating is soaked deep into the rope fibers
  • High elasticity is ideal for off-road recovery and snatching applications
  • Rubber coated eye tips provide extra protection and maximum grip
  •  Includes black mesh vented bag
  • Covered by 1 year warranty

K Tool Tow Rope Specifications

  • KTI73818 – Recovery Tow Rope
    • 1/2″ x 20’
    • Yellow Eyes
    • Rating: 7400 lbs.
  • KTI73819 – Recovery Tow Rope
    • 3/4” x 20’
    • Black Eyes
    • Rating: 19000 lbs.
  • KTI73822 – Recovery Tow Rope
    • 7/8″ x 20′,
    • Blue Eyes
    • Rating: 28600 lbs.
  • KTI73823 – Recovery Tow Rope
    • 7/8″ x 30′,
    • Red Eyes
    • Rating: 28600 lbs.
  • KTI73824 – Recovery Tow Rope
    • 1-1/4″ x 30′
    • Orange Eyes
    • Rating: 52300 lbs.
  • KTI73825 – Recovery Tow Rope
    • 1-1/2″ x 30′
    • Green Eyes
    • Rating: 74000 lbs.

 For more information or to purchase your K Tool Recovery Tow Rope today, click here.


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