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In this video, we show you step by step how to make a cabinet scraper. Sandpaper is not the only way to smooth a wood surface, and it’s not always the fastest either. Especially, when dealing with hard woods, sometimes a cabinet scraper is the best choice. You can purchase a variety of cabinet scrapers, but it’s also very easy to make your own out of useless tools and accessories.


Whether you are building cabinets, furniture, or making guitars, using hardwoods is second nature. Rather than grabbing a sander to throw a ton of dust in the air and on your work, why not reach for a cabinet scraper. Each stroke of a cabinet scraper can take off about one-thousandth of an inch, and is much less dusty.

Tools To Make A Cabinet Scraper

All you need is an old putty knife, old circular or table saw blade in order to make a cabinet scraper. We made our scrapers from an old putty knife, drywall knife and circular saw blade. With a quick template cut from wood, we used our Rexmark permanent marker to mark the template on the old tools. A good hard surface to work from helps, like our Monster Stainless Worktop helps a lot as well. An abrasive cutoff wheel worked great on our DeWalt FlexVolt grinder.


Within a few minutes, we had three cabinet scrapers cut from our old tools and blade. Next, we used a file to ensure the edge was flat and true. Then, to burnish the edge, we turned to an old screwdriver and old wrench. Basically, you need something harder than the material you are using. With a few strokes across the edge of each scraper, we were ready to sample the performance.

Grab some old scrapers or putty knives and make a cabinet scraper today!

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