The Makita Auto-Start Wireless System

We recently previewed Makita’s newest cordless rotary hammer, which looks, in all honesty, like a pretty clean and quiet version of what has traditionally been a noisy and messy tool. It seriously looks like a great tool on a great system. At least part of the reason for that comes down to the integration of one of the company’s newest innovations, the Makita Auto-Start Wireless System. The Makita AWS allows for certain tools on Makita’s 18V X2 LXT battery platform to connect to an AWS Dust Extractor wirelessly via Bluetooth tech.

But What Is The Makita Auto-Start Wireless System?


Basically, the Makita AWS allows tools to communicate with each other for wireless power up and power down. Once the tool and the dust extractor connect, the dust extractor will power up when you pull the trigger on the connected tool. Likewise, when the trigger is released, the dust extractor will run for a few seconds and then power-down itself. Ten tools on the Makita Auto-Start Wireless System can be linked to one Makita AWS dust extractor.Makita AWS

How It Works

Connecting the tools to the Makita AWS Dust Extractor is stupid easy. On the Dust Extractor, the user will set the switch to the “Auto” position. Then, the user will press the and hold the activation button on the extraction unit for 3 seconds. The wireless activation light will begin to blink green. Then, the user will press and hold the wireless activation button on the tool. Abra Cadabra, your Makita Auto-Start Wireless System tools are connected!

 What Are The Benefits?

The obvious benefit to the Makita Auto-Start Wireless System is the lack of cords. Sure, a hose connects the tool to the dust extractor, but until Makita invents magic, sawdust and concrete dust aren’t going to transport themselves to another dimension or anything. Hoses, for the time being, are a necessary evil. But, cordlessness helps make the jobsite a less dangerous, noisy, and frustrating place. With zero cords, users will not experience grounding issues, plugs falling out of sockets, or tripping over cables.

Also, because the Makita AWS powers up the vacuum when the connected tool is running, batteries tend to last much longer than they would if they stayed on constantly (duh).

Because multiple tools can connect to the same Makita AWS dust extractor, users won’t have to mess around with trying to connect a tool each and every time he needs to use something else. He just needs to switch the extractor hose to the new tool, pull the trigger, and go.

The Makita Auto-Start Wireless System also cuts down on excessive noise. Because the vac shuts down when you power down the connected tool, users won’t have to suffer the constant drone of a motor that’s constantly running.Makita 18V X2 Rotary Hammer


Final Thoughts

The Makita Auto-Start Wireless System seems like a great and practical idea. It not only eliminates cord clutter, but also helps keep everything on the jobsite cleaner, including your lungs.

Right now, the Makita AWS lineup includes a rotary hammer, a pretty fantastic miter saw, a plunge cut saw, and a couple of angle grinders. No doubt, this is a good place to start. We look forward to seeing how Makita expands their AWS lineup of tools in the future.

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