Metabo HPT MultiVolt Grinders

Metabo HPT Multivolt Grinders

If you didn’t already know, Hitachi announced a while ago that they would rebrand their line of power tools using the Metabo HPT designation. While this decision could potentially cause some trepidation from folks already familiar with the Hitachi brand, the change is now official, like it or not. The good news is that it doesn’t really appear that the rebranding will bring about any drop in the Hitachi quality we’ve come to appreciate, particularly with their nailers. Case in point: the Metabo HPT MultiVolt Grinders look like they feature a lot of the innovation we’d hoped would come from the rebranding.


Metabo HPT MultiVolt Grinder Key Features

  • Available with either a paddle switch (G3612DBQ6) or slide switch (G3612DAQ6)
  • Brushless motor
  • Variable speed dial w/ auto mode
  • Side handle
  • Dust screen
  • AC/DC Convenience
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Soft-start and electric brake
  • Anti-kickback feature
  • Spindle lock and tool-less wheel guard

What’s The Big Deal?

Metabo HPT Multivolt GrindersThere are a few noteworthy points surrounding the new Metabo HPT MultiVolt Grinders. For one thing, all of the Metabo HPT tools are backward-compatible with the Hitachi MultiVolt line of batteries. So, if you’ve recently purchased any of those, fear not, because they’ll still work in the rebranded tools. Your new MultiVolt batteries can also power your old Hitachi 18V cordless tools. Additionally, while many battery packs rely on the 18650 cells, Metabo HPT has made the jump up to 21700 cells for more power and longer runtimes.

The second thing that impresses us revolves around the tool’s corded and cordless configurations. Not only will the Metabo HPT MultiVolt Grinders run off the brand’s 38V/18V battery packs, but can opt to run their tools with corded AC power. In fact, right now, when purchasing the tool, users can select either a battery and charger, or an AC adapter to go with the tool. Additionally, between November 1st and December 31, 2018, Metabo HPT is running a launch promotion. If you register your new Metabo HPT tool online, they’ll ship you a free battery.

Metabo HPT Performance

All cool battery options aside, the Metabo brand has always been known for their grinders. It looks like they might have brought some of that quality over to the Metabo HPT side of things too. The Metabo HPT MultiVolt Grinder has a brushless motor and variable speed dial, allowing the grinder to reach no-load speeds of 9,500 RPM.


Additionally, Metabo HPT has included a few safety features with these grinders. A soft-start feature and an electric brake improve the user experience, and an anti-kickback feature shuts off the power when the tool senses a bound wheel.


Metabo HPT MultiVolt Grinder Specs

  • Model Numbers: G3612DBQ6 (Paddle Switch), G3612DAQ6 (Slide Switch)
  • Wheel Diameter: 4-1/2″
  • Wheel Capacities: 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″
  • No-Load Speed: 9,500 RPM
  • Variable Speed: Dial
  • Speed Settings: 5+ Auto
  • Weight (w/ battery): 7.1 lb
  • Warranty: 1-Year Tool Warranty
  • MSRP: $359




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