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Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light Featured

What is our obsession with lights, especially LED lights? It doesn’t matter that in the past couple years, it seems thousands of different types hit the market. We still get all excited, myself included, when we hear of a new LED launch. Such as the case with the new Milwaukee M18 Radius site light with One-Key. This is a jobsite LED that puts out an astounding 9,000 lumens. It doesn’t matter how many lights you have in your shop, who can’t use this King Kong of LEDs.

Light output is not the only thing to mention about the M18 Radius site light. This jobsite LED is available with or without One-Key. One-Key gives the cordless light even more flexibility, so the user/s can control light output and monitor, right from their smartphone. And, if 9,000 lumens is not enough for you, these lights can also be plugged in and daisy-chained together.

9,000 Lumens On The Jobsite

To be honest, this really isn’t a surprise to us, since we got to witness firsthand this LED mosnter at their event in June. We covered many of Milwaukee’s latest tools and lights in the Top 5 Tools From Milwaukee NPS17 2017, so be sure to give that a read.


Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light Features

Charge 2 M18 BatteriesThe M18 Radius Jobsite LED can run off one or two battery packs, and with the 120V plug-in feature, it also acts as a battery charger. You not only light up your work area, but it will charge your batteries, two at a time with the two-bay sequential charger. Charging the batteries in the M18 Radius jobsite LED is not only convenient, but it also helps with keeping a less-cluttered work area.

Not only does the Milwaukee M18 Radius site light deliver 9,000 lumens, but it does so in a 360° pattern. This gives complete light coverage of the workspace, as well as a high-impact polycarbonate lens provides protection from jobsite environments. Most of all, the M18 Radius site lite is the brightest cordless light available in the industry today.

You don’t have to run this Radius at 9,000 lumens, as it offers 3 power settings. When powered with the M18 Redlithium 9.0 battery pack, the High power setting delivers 9,000 lumens of light for 4 hours. On the medium setting, you get 4,800 lumens for 7 hours, and the low setting provides 2,500 lumens for 14 hours.

One-Key With The Radius Jobsite LED

Radius M18 Site LightOne-Key on the Radius offers more than just turning the light on and off. Through the app, users can also track their lights on the jobsite, ensuring that none get left behind or stolen. Tool Tracking functionality provide a record of the last place and time the light was seen, and integrated tool security helps to mitigate theft. One-Key tool and equipment management allow users to keep inventory of not only their Milwaukee M18 Radius site lights but also other tools and equipment.

Using the One-Key app, users can customize their setup with three different adjustments: Optimize brightness, adjust light direction, and program automatic schedules. Optimize brightness controls allow the user to set the light output, as well as checking the battery status. Light direction can be set to front 180 degrees, back 180 degrees, or 360 degrees max coverage. Programming automatic schedules allow the user to program start and end times, so the light is used when most needed on the jobsite. When the Milwaukee M18 Radius site light is running on AC power, the light can be programmed to run 30, 60, or 90 minutes. A specific, customized time can be programmed as well.

Once each Radius jobsite LED is programmed, they will keep the program in memory until another change is made. Additionally, the battery charge status displays through the One-Key app, hence there is no need to walk from light to light checking batteries. One-Key with the Radius Jobsite LED not only offers convenience, but the programming and monitoring features help increase efficiency on the jobsite.


M18 Radius Jobsite LED Additional Features

Radius Stackable TopWith the AC power option, these M18 Radius site lights can daisy-chain together on the same circuit. Up to eight lights can be on the same chain together. When it comes time to leave the jobsite and/or store the Radius site light, a stackable design locks the lights together, one on top of another. By stacking lights, this takes up less space, increasing efficiency even in storage.

The polycarbonate lens protects the LED light source from impacts, providing increase durability. Furthermore an IP54 rating ensures protection from dust and water while on the job. Trueview technology uses advanced technology to optimize color temperature, reflecting true color and details. We covered this Trueview technology in the Milwaukee Tools High Output LED Lighting article last year. Milwaukee covers their LEDs with a lifetime warranty, and a 5-year warranty covers the complete product.

Our Thoughts

Milwaukee surely knows and understands the LED light market, since they lead the cordless LED industry. We really like their Trueview technology that provides true color, so there is no surprise when the sun comes out. You definitely can’t argue with 9,000 lumens of output to light-up any jobsite, and daisy-chaining exponentially increases the capabilities. We’ll do our best to get one in for review soon. We will use it for some different projects and provide a full review.

The Milwaukee M18 Radius site light will be available August 2017.

M18 Radius Site Light/Charger with One-Key (2150-20) $599

  • High: 9000 Lumens (4 hours of run-time)
  • Medium: 4800 Lumens (7 hours of run-time)
  • Low: 2500 Lumens (14 hours of run-time)
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs

M18™ RADIUS™ Site Light (2151-20) $499

  • High: 9000 Lumens (4 hours of run-time)
  • Medium: 4800 Lumens (7 hours of run-time)
  • Low: 2500 Lumens (14 hours of run-time)
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs


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