Milwaukee Tools High Output LED Lighting – Four New Innovative Solutions

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The Milwaukee Tools high output LED lighting family grows with the addition of four new innovative LED solutions. Set to release in October 2016 are the M18 Rocket LED Tower Light/Charger, M18 Radius LED Compact Site Light, M12 Rover LED Compact Flood Light, and M18 LED Search Light. With these additions, Milwaukee proves to be ready for a LED showdown.


M18 Rocket™ LED Tower Light/Charger  – Available October 2016

With just a five-second setup, the M18 Rocket LED enables users to get to work fast. Including three (3) adjustable light heads, the M18 Rocket can be setup for both task and area lighting. 3,000 lumens of Trueview™ HD output atop reinforced legs and low center of gravity allows for immense light coverage, while maintaining stability. Additionally, the IPX4 rating means the Tower Light is water resistant.

“Our users need task and area lighting that can be easily set up, provide high output light in numerous directions for precise light placement and is built to thrive in whatever environment they’re in. After spending countless hours on the jobsite talking to these users, we’ve developed a new tower light that can solve all of the due frustration users have with halogen stand lights,” said Jason Isaacs, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool.

Setting the output to Medium provides 8 ½ hours of runtime for the M18 Rocket, when using the M18 REDLITHIUM 9.0 extended capacity battery. The AC/DC (can run on battery or plugged in) function expands the worker’s possibilities. While plugged in (AC), the Rocket Tower also becomes a charger for the M18 batteries. Look for the M18 Rocket LED Tower to make it to your store sometime in October.

M18 Rocket LED Tower Light/Charger Specifications

  • M18 Rocket LED JobsiteModel #: 2135-21HD
  • Output High: 3000 Lumens (4 hours of runtime)
  • Runtime High: 4 Hours
  • Output Med: 1700 Lumens (8.5 hours of runtime)
  • Runtime Med: 8.5 Hours
  • Output Low: 900 Lumens
  • Runtime Low: 17 Hours
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Setup: 5 Seconds
  • Includes: M18 Rocket™ LED Tower Light/Charger, M18™ REDLITHIUM™ 9.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack, and Carry Bag.
  • MSRP: $549 (kit) $399 (bare)
  • Warranty: 5 Years (Limited lifetime LED)

M18 RADIUS™ LED Compact Site Light w/ONE-KEY™  – Available October 2016

Milwaukee Tools’ ONE-KEY app is the first digital platform for tools and equipment. Users can track and manage through ONE-KEY, as well as customize to their needs. With the ONE-KEY integration into the M18 Radius, access can be controlled remotely. In addition, ONE-KEY enables the operator to optimize the brightness, program schedules, and manage the M18 Radius LED.

“Lighting is an essential tool on nearly every jobsite, but often the setup time required can be a productivity-killer,” said Jason Isaacs, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “The ONE-KEY™ functionality will take our users’ jobsite lighting experience to the next level, allowing them to change brightness, light direction, and program automatic schedules without manually readjusting the light. This is particularly important when the light is in hard-to-reach or remote areas – ultimately saving valuable time while on the job.”

Operators can control operation of the M18 Radius from their phone. With a 50ft range, you don’t have to worry about walking to the light to make adjustments. Multiple M18 Radius LED lights can be strung together using the AC pass through design. Milwaukee’s M18 Radius LED should available in October.

Milwaukee Tools High Output LED Lighting

M18 RADIUS™ LED Compact Site Specifications

  • M18 Radius LED StockPower Input: AC or M18 Battery (DC)
  • Model #: 2146-20
  • Platform: ONE-KEY
  • Output High: 4400 lumens
  • Runtime: 10 Hours
  • Output Medium: 2100 Lumens
  • Runtime Medium: 4 Hours
  • Output Low: 1000 Lumens
  • Runtime Low:8 Hours
  • IP54 Ingress protected
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs.
  • MSRP: $349

M12 ROVER™ LED Compact Flood Light – Available October 2016

Milwaukee M12 Rover LED UnderhoodCompact is the key word in this Milwaukee M12 Rover LED compact flood light. With the M12 platform as power, the Rover is prepared to replace the typical 250w halogen lights seen on the jobsite. Features on the Rover allow the worker to hang it on a truss or ladder, clamp it to something, carry it various ways. Even integrated magnets allow for attaching to metal studs, I-beams, and job boxes.

“Halogen flood lights have a difficult time keeping up with our users on jobsites. The cords, lack of durability, and excessive heat make them very challenging to move from space to space” said Tom Simeone, Vice President of Product Management. “By leveraging our leadership in cordless and LED technology, we’ve been able to provide lighting solutions that change all of that. The new M12 ROVER™ LED Flood Light is the ultimate light for on-the-go use – providing unmatched light output in a compact package that can go anywhere and withstand anything.”

While there are many cordless light models, including from Milwaukee, that produce greater light output, I’m drawn to the compactness and features of this M12 Rover LED. The worker can grab it and go. Efficiency always has a soft-spot with me. The portability and compact designs will definitely increase efficiency for anyone doing small jobs. With a price of less than $80, it won’t break the bank either. You can buy these at your local box store or online market beginning in October.

M12 ROVER LED Compact Flood Light Specifications

  • M12 Rover LEDModel #: 2364-20
  • Power Input: M12 (DC)
  • Output High: 1000 lumens (replaces 250w halogen)
  • Runtime High: 3 ½ Hours
  • Output Med: 400 Lumens
  • Runtime Med: 7 ½ Hours
  • Output Low: 200 Lumens
  • Runtime Low: 15 hours
  • Drop-test: 9 feet
  • Weight: 2.19 lbs.
  • MSRP: $79

M18 LED Search Light – Available October 2016

This handheld M18 LED Search light has a head rotation of 198 degrees, so the user has tremendous adjustment for aiming the beam where they want it. At 700 yards of beam distance, this is perfect for the outdoorsmen, the utility worker, or behind the seat of your favorite truck. Milwaukee added four (4) modes for the LED Search, hence the light can be set to a Spot, Flood, Spot/Flood or Strobe. The IP54 Ingress protected rating means the M18 Search light is resistant to dust and water.

Just like the M18 Rocket LED Tower, the M18 Search light shares the TRUEVIEW technology. Providing the most advanced LED technology and optical designs, the TRUEVIEW technology provides a consistent beam and the color temperature gives the best representation of colors and detail. High-impact polycarbonate makes for a very durable lens, so the M18 Search light is ready for any jobsite. Same as the other models, you can expect to see the M18 Search light in October.

M18 LED Search Light Specifications

  • M18 Search LEDModel #: 2354-21
  • Spot: 600 Lumens
  • Runtime (Spot): 7 Hours
  • Flood: 1200 Lumens
  • Runtime (Flood): 4 Hours
  • Spot/Flood: 1250 Lumens
  • Runtime (Spot/Flood): 4 Hours
  • Strobe: 1200 Lumens
  • Runtime (Strobe): 5 Hours
  • Weight: 4.76 lbs
  • MSRP: $229 (kit)
  • Warranty: 5 Years (limited lifetime LED)


Milwaukee Tools High Output LED Lighting Final Words

Milwaukee Tools claims to have “the industry’s largest family of high output lighting solutions”. With the addition of these four models, it’s hard to argue with them. From handheld and compact to a tower resembling the output of a lighthouse, these various Milwaukee models expand the choices and possibilities for the consumer. I’m sure we’ll have some reviews and testing soon that we’ll be excited to share.

For more information on these lights, and others, visit here.

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