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Dust extractors aren’t just for cleanup and removing nuisance material. Health and safety standards require, or will require, such airborne particulate to be contained and filtered. Such is the case with the OSHA rule on Crystalline Silica. The new Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 may be the ticket to keep those government regulators and legal counsel off your back – for a while, at least.

In short, any sanding, drilling or grinding of concrete must be contained. We’re confident that it won’t be long before any floating particulate will need to be contained, by mandate. Whether you sand the paint on cars, body filler, hardwoods, or metals, why not get ahead of the game? Sure, the game we play with sanding is much safer with a dust extractor, but it makes the job much more pleasant as well. If you don’t do it for regulators, do it for yourself.


Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 Features

Mirka Dust ExtractorWith this dustless focus on the forefront, many tools are coming with dust ports included. In addition to the dust ports, we see flow-through sandpaper and more efficient tools in general. To answer the call of these more efficient tools, the Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 includes three high performance models.

Mirka 1230 L PC

This model requires 230V input to power the 1200W motor. The single stage turbine creates up to 250 mbar of suction with 4500 litres/min of airflow. An auto-start function allows the extractor to only run with the tool calls for it. This gives the user less noise pollution, as well as extending the useful life of the Mirka dust extractor 1230.

Finally, the “PC” designation is for Push to Clean filter cleaning. When the filter seems to be loading up, the user can press a button three times to clear the filter of large contaminants.

Mirka 1230 M AFC Dust Extractor

Mirka Sander using AbranetThe M AFC carries all the same qualities of the L PC, however the “AFC” designation adds Auto Filter Cleaning. With this technology, the Mirka dust extractor cleans itself every 15 seconds. No user intervention is needed.

Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M PC

Powered by only 110V, the 1230 M PC model keeps the high output even with less input. This model is another manual Push to Clean filter, so there is some user intervention. All other specifications seem to remain the same.

All Models

Every Mirka dust extractor 1230 model includes power cable and hose storage to keep things tidy. An easy to reach flat filter is accessible through an opening in the back, hence you don’t have to remove the top of the extractor to change the filter. Also, big wheels in the rear of the 1230 enhance maneuverability, with the swivel casters up front.
Finally, the auto-start function can also be used with air tools. To do so does requires an additional accessory from Mirka.


Aircat-6-Inch-Orbital-Sander-6700-6-336CV_2Our Thoughts

Expanding on the proven performance of existing dust extractor models in service, Mirka is upping the ante in the industry. There is no doubt that we’re staring down the September date that OSHA has levied for the silica dust. History proves that we will continue to see more regulations for clean air and work environments.

While we don’t like to see our workers and businesses being shoved into a corner with mandates, we do support efficiency and healthier workers. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a sander like the Aircat 6 Inch Orbital Sander with a central vac port, unless you attach a dust extractor. With the investment in great tools, why not spend a little more to complete the package.

Mirka sanders and dust extractors remind us of the quality our pro saw in the Festool LEX 3 Air Sanders with the extractor. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of the Mirka dust extractor 1230 models, but it may be a while. At this time, the Mirka 1230 line is only available in Europe.


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