NEW RYOBI Hobby and Craft Tools Preview


RYOBI Hobby and Craft Tools New Release

It seems that RYOBI has been constantly releasing tools since 2020 with no signs of letting up. These new RYOBI hobby and craft tools seem to be hitting Dremel square between the eyes. This launch even includes a new 4V USB Lithium and 12V battery platform. From a magnifying glass, to a rotary tool drill press, to a professional rotary tool with foot pedal, RYOBI continues to expand its footprint in power tools.

RYOBI Hobby and Craft Tools

RYOBI Rotary Tools

Several new rotary tools are available, including a couple of models that are definitely professional-esque. The PBLRT01K1 runs on on the 18V One+ HP platform and it includes the brushless motor that drives the tool up to 25,000 RPM. You have a full variable speed dial, and/or you can use the included foot pedal to adjust the speed. There’s also other 18V rotary tools, a 12V rotary tool, a plug-in (120V) rotary, and the new USB Lithium rotary tool. All these tools are due to rollout by the end of March 2022. We look forward to getting our hands on these.

USB Lithium Cutter

PBLRT01K1 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Rotary Tool Kit: $179

PCL480B 18V ONE+ Rotary Tool Station (Tool Only): $99.97

PRT100K1 18V ONE+ Precision Craft Rotary Tool Kit: $79.97

TVM01 12V Rotary Tool Kit: $99.00

FVM51K USB Lithium Rotary Tool Kit: $59.97

FHV51K USB Lithium Power Carver Kit: $69.00

FVC51K USB Lithium Power Cutter Kit: $59.97

FVB01 USB Lithium 2 AH Battery: $19.97 (Online Only)

RRT200 1.4 Amp Rotary Tool: $99.00

RRT100 1.2 Amp Rotary Tool: $49.97

RHS01 Hobby Station: $99.00

PCL664 18V ONE+ Magnifying LED Clamp Light: $39.97

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