Powermatic Mid-Sized CNC Woodworking Routers

Powermatic CNC with Operators

The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are resetting standards in many industries, woodworking included. Powermatic is leading the charge in the mid-sized CNC woodworking routers with the release of models PM-2X2RK and PM-2X4SPK. Both the new Powermatic mid-sized CNC woodworking routers are 3-axis CNC machines.

Headquartered in La Vergne, Tennessee, JPW Industries, Inc manufactures and markets a wide range of machinery and equipment under the JET, Powermatic and Wilton brands. In addition to its La Vergne headquarters, the company has operations in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, France, Taiwan, and China. It sells through a vast network of distributor partners worldwide. Visit JET Tools at www.jettools.com, Powermatic at www.powermatic.com or Wilton at www.wiltontools.com.


“Our new CNC routers answer the demand by many woodshops and enthusiasts for the wide-ranging applications and precision of these computer-controlled cutting machines,” said Katie Davidson, Powermatic’s Product Manager.  “These versatile machines can accurately and efficiently produce quantities of identical items, as readily as intricate one-of-a-kind creations.”

Powermatic Mid-Sized CNC Woodworking Routers

Powermatic Mid-Sized CNC Woodworking RoutersThe versatility that Powermatic has introduced with these machines allows for a tremendous range of woodcutting tasks, including intricate 3D carvings, furniture components, cabinet door panels, moldings, joinery, sign boards, picture frames, engineering prototypes, woodcrafts and more. In addition to wood, these Powermatic mid-sized CNC woodworking routers also work with plastics, composites, aluminum and foam. Providing this type of versatility at a low cost opens the horizon to possibilities, especially relevant to the small shop.

Whenever mundane or repeated tasks can be automated, even partially, this drastically increases the efficiency of the shop. Also, the computer controlled X, Y and Z planes enable more exact repeatable parts. With efficiency comes less fatigue from overworked woodworkers, in addition increased profits.

Powermatic CNC Router Features

There is no need to connect a computer to these routers, hence the controller is equipped with a USB port to easily transfer files. The handheld controller connects to the router’s DSP (digital signal processor) box with an 8-ft cable. This controller provides oversight of projects from different positions. International mainstream CAM software files are accepted, including: VCarve Desktop, VCarve Pro, Vectric Aspire and others.

Powermatic CNC and OperatorBoth the Powermatic PM-2X2K and PM-2X4SPK are 3-axis machines with X, Y and Z planes (X = side-to-side, Y= back-and-forth and Z = up-and-down). The Powermatic PM-2X2K provides XYZ travel of 24” x 24” x 6” and the Powermatic PM-2X4SPK features XYZ travel of 24” x 48” x 6”. These CNC machines have, exclusive to Powermatic, heavy-duty gantry supports. The supports are constructed of gravity-cast, aluminum alloy. Rigidity and vibration dampening is increased through the use of welded-steel frames.

An extruded aluminum table provides a sturdy work surface, while the table features integrated T-slots. With these T-slots, hold-down clamps (4 included) can be positioned in multiple locations. Powermatic’s PM-2x2RK table measures 39-1/4” x 28-1/2”, also the PM-2x4SPK table measures 63” x 28-1/2”. Finally, both of the Powermatic mid-sized CNC woodworking routers have enclosed, steel stands that include storage drawers. Independent leveling feet provide a sturdy base, and the swivel casters increase mobility.


Powermatic PM-2X4SPK and 2X2RK

Pre-wired for 230V operation, the PM-2X4SPK is equipped with a 7.5A, 3HP spindle motor. The speed range of the spindle is 0-24,000 RPM. Coolant is forced through the spindle, also a radiator and fan assembly increase heat dissipation. An ER20 collet accepts both ¼” and ½” chucks. Powermatic 2x2RK is equipped with a universal 3½” router mount while it accepts several compatible woodworking routers.

Features Continued

Spindle movement on each axis is controlled by high-torque stepper motors mounted above the spindle on the gantry bridge.  Precision ball screws with re-circulating ball bearings allow rapid movement on each axis, while maintaining precise spindle placement.  The rapid feed rate of both CNC routers is 200 IPM (inches per minute).

Powermatic CNC In Use

Linear guideways also feature re-circulating ball bearings for accurate positioning of the tool bit. Flexible nylon track chains protect cables from rubbing and stress. The included puck can quickly and easily re-zero the Z axis using a button on the controller.

Both Powermatic mid-sized CNC routers can be connected to a dust collection system via a 4” port on the included dust shoe, mounted beneath the spindle.  Ensure that dust collection capacity meets the recommended 300 CFM.


  • Weight: 598 lbs.
  • Floor space required: 52” x 45”
  • Item #: 1797022K
  • Price: $5,719.99


  • Weight: 748 lbs.
  • Floor space required: 52” x 69”
  • Item #: 1797024K
  • Price: $8,499.99

Optional Accessories

  • PM-HD CNC: Hold Downs (set of 2) (1797000, $19.99)
  • PM-DS CNC: Dust Shoe (1797001, $49.99)
  • PM-RBS CNC: Router Bit Set (1797003, $289.99).

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