SATA Tools Launches Professional Mechanics Tool Sets

SATA Tools Launch FI

SATA Tools rolled our their mechanic’s tool sets as part of their Pro line in the U.S. SATA Tools is part of the Apex Tool Group (Gearwrench, Crescent, Wiss, etc.), but not be confused with SATA paint guns (owned by Dan Am). The SATA brand may be new to the U.S., but it’s long been a worthy tool name in the remainder of the world. These new, to the U.S., SATA tools will be available on Amazon.

SATA Tools Mechanic’s Sets

SATA Tools will carry a lifetime warranty with just a simple email to make a warranty claim. Kits and sets are priced very competitively. Their 151-piece SATA Mechanics Tool Set (ST09514U), pictured below, is priced at less than $92 on Amazon. Many times, buying kits or sets takes the guesswork out of deciding which tools to purchase.

SATA Tool Set 151pc

SATA 151-Piece Mechanics Tool Set (ST09514U).

SATA Tools Ratchets“Our decision to partner with a vendor like Amazon is a true testament that we deliver for our customers and appeal to their purchase preference and demand for convenience,” Apex Tool Group Senior Director of Brand Management Curt Weber said. “The buying ease on a trusted site at a fair price point allows mechanics to invest in quality and innovation that’s sure to enhance output with confidence.”

The different tool sets will range from 12-151-pieces, available in SAE and/or Metric. SATA Tool offers an assortment of ratchets, extensions, universals, and deep & shallow sockets. Polished chromed on the majority of the tools will allow for easy cleanup of grease and grime. SATA’s wrenches include relief in the corners, this allows for better grip on the sides of the fasteners.

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Our Thoughts

Competition breeds excellence, and we’re a believer. Even though it may seem there are scores of tool companies, the fact is, it’s creating better tools. We can go down the rabbit-hole of the country of origin, but that’s the wrong argument. Tools are spec’d before they’re manufactured. If you spec quality tools, any worthy tool manufacturer can produce. If you spec low-quality to start with — well, what do you expect? We’re seeing better tools weed-out those tools that were really junk. This is good for our tool boxes.

SATA Wrenches

SATA Chrome Wrenches

Apex Tool Group knows what they’re doing. This is pretty evident in their other tool brands. Gearwrench is responsible for the modern ratcheting wrench – how many times do you use those each day?! Crescent has long been the namesake of the adjustable wrench, and Wiss is the name you turn to when you want industrial-strength scissors, that really cut. We’re excited to get our hands on some of these SATA tools and give them a real review.

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