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Hand In The SawStopThis type of news makes me just want to stick my finger in a saw! Sawstop is being acquired by TTS Tooltechnic Systems, which is the parent company of Festool. The Sawstop acquisition by Festool is set to be completed by July 2017, for an undisclosed amount of money. TTS Tooltechnic Systems is based out of Wendlingen, Germany and is still family owned, by the third generation. More than 2,500 employees from around the globe work for TTS, Festool, Cleantec, Tanos and other companies under the TTS umbrella.

SawStop will go down in history as killing more hotdogs than any other power tool company. YouTube and the rest of social media streams the relentless pursuit of hotdog massacres to saw blades, specifically, SawStop blades. There are a few out there that were actually willing to test the technology on live flesh, so check it out here.

SawStop Blade Activation

SawStop Acquisition By Festool Announcement

Festool Track SawThe announcement of the SawStop acquisition by Festool originally hit the web on June 26, 2017, from the headquarters of SawStop, LLC in Tualatin, Oregon. SawStop’s President, Dr. Stephen Gass stated “we are proud to join a company with a shared passion for customer safety, product quality and meticulous engineering. We are excited to join with TTS to bring safer woodworking to more people through new tools.”

The current SawStop management expects to continue normal operation out of their headquarters in Oregon. We wonder if management shifts to Festool, hence a more profitable venture would to gain. No further details known at this point, but more will come to the surface as the SawStop acquisition by Festool nears the finish line.

Our Thoughts

Acquisitions are always intriguing to us, furthermore the SawStop acquisition by Festool is no different. We have to wonder if this is a move for more revenue, more market share, or to eliminate competition. Eliminating competition doesn’t seem to fit, since Festool is not currently in the table saw market. Next, our mind wanders to how much cash TTS/Festool has to lay down for this deal.


We will keep you informed as the news comes to us on this acquisition. We’ll keep our signs raised to save more hotdogs from those dangerous blades (Chick-fil-A cows: “Eat more Chikin”). Maybe the future holds a track saw with flesh sensing technology….oh, I hope not.

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