SEMA 2016 Show Wrap Up – Day 3

SEMA 2016 Show

The SEMA 2016 show is our first visit to SEMA, what a sight to see and too much to digest in just one helping. Yes, the show is built upon the automotive aftermarket, but let’s face it, it’s all about the cars. If it were not about the cars (and trucks), there would be no aftermarket, and there would be no SEMA. We wrap up our final day at SEMA 2016 Show by seeing a detailer’s first reaction to the Milwaukee M18 polisher, a team at the Baileigh booth custom build a Shelby Daytona, a wood car made from a single tree, and a condensed version of the cars and trucks of the SEMA 2016 Show.

Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tools M18 Fuel 7” Polisher – Pro’s First Reaction

There was no shortage of detailers and detailing products the SEMA 2016 show. One thing that was interesting is that most of the detailers were either using Flex or Rupes corded polishers. We teamed up with Milwaukee to put the new Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7” Polisher in their hand. With just the conversation we were having with them before the first use, we could tell they were doubting the performance and run-time of the M18 polisher.

The Gloss-It booth was filled with professional detailers, some of which were being certified on some of the new Gloss-It products. We took a moment to speak with one of the pros, additionally, we got his first reaction as he used the M18. After just a few moments running the M18, he was very pleased with the results he was seeing. We will follow up with the pros at Gloss-It to see what they think after some extended use.

Baileigh Industrial – Metal Shaping the Shelby Daytona Replica

Baileigh showcased their outdoor booth with bead rollers, power hammers, breaks, and more. They had professionals and students on hand to custom build an all-aluminum 1964 Shelby Daytona. All the metal was shaped onsite and was formed around a wooden ribbed structure. Visitors could walk by anytime and see a team of workers shaping and fabricating metal for the Daytona. There was no shortage of celebrities in the booth either, including Jimmy Shine, Gene Winfield (legendary car builder), and the team from the Diesel Brothers TV show.

Cars and Trucks From The SEMA 2016 Show

I could try to explain the cars that are show, but that would just be a waste of precious space. Enjoy a few pics from the many at SEMA 2016

More Pictures Cont’d Below

Milwaukee Tools

Viva Las Vegas – And SEMA 2016!

And now, the end is near, and so we face the final curtain – ok, I’ll stop there. Those of you who knew where I was going there show your vintage, even though that was way before my time. Anyway, we say goodbye to SEMA 2016, hence Las Vegas. Sure, there is one more day of the show, but most say that it tapers off on Friday anyway. We can’t play forever, so we must get back to home-base in Central Florida. We must keep the reviews flowing, so you, our audience is satisfied.  We are already looking forward to SEMA 2017. Until then, stay tuned to Shop Tool Reviews for the latest in tools.

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