Snap-on Flex-Head Torque Wrench – TQ Series – ½” Drive

You better have a torque wrench in your tool box, if you want to be a legit technician. With any experience using a torque wrench, you know they’re bulky and rigid, hence sometimes it’s hard to get them in the area that you need them. The Snap-on Flex-Head torque wrench TQ Series is trying to alleviate this pain. In addition to having a slim body profile, the TQ Series torque wrench head flexes up to 15° to provide exceptional clearance.


Snap-on Flex-Head Torque Wrench Features – TQ Series

Providing 15° of flex in the head of a ratchet is one thing, but being able to do so and keep accuracy to ± 4% (in 20-100% of capacity) is an accomplishment in itself. Technicians rely on the accuracy of their tools, and this is of upmost importance when using a torque wrench. With the Snap-on Flex-Head torque wrench, you get the thumb screw adjustment, so the user can quickly and accurately set the desired torque. In addition, a thumb screw guard protects the thumb screw against an accidental adjustment.

With a “split beam” measuring display, the technician gets a reliable reading to their accurate measurement. What good is accuracy if you can’t see what you have dialed in, as well as the micrometer-style adjustment knob allows for fast-setting. The TQ series wrench features a bi-mold composite grip for improved ergonomics, and it comes with a blow molded case.  Also important to all mechanics and technicians, obviously, is that the Snap-on Flex-Head torque wrench is available in Orange or Green.

Snap-on Flex-Head Torque WrenchProduct Specifications Information:

  • Color: Orange or Green
  • Gear Teeth: 36
  • Head Depth: ¾”
  • Ratchet Head Style: Flex Head
  • Head Width: 1-5/8”
  • Increments: 5 ft. lb.
  • Length: 22-3/8”
  • Range: 40 – 250 ft-lb
  • Ratchet Service Kit: RKRS936
  • Square Drive: ½”
  • Storage Case: PBTQ3
  • Swing Arc: 10°
  • Country Of Origin: USA

See your Snap-On rep for more information.


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