Snap-on Multi-Probe Ultra EECT900 First Look

Our love for electronics continues to drive the auto industry to incorporate more electronic features into our vehicles. Along with using and enjoying these new-fangled gadgets also comes the need to diagnose when things go awry. Enter the Snap-on Multi-Probe Ultra EECT900 to find the little gremlins that kill our electronic joy.

It’s one thing to diagnose a fouled plug in a dead cylinder, and yet another to find an open circuit somewhere in the spaghetti of a wiring harness. Mechanics and technicians require advanced tools for help in electrical diagnostics, or we spend countless hours pulling fuses and abusing the common test light. With the Snap-on Multi-Probe Ultra, you get circuit tester functions along with a multimeter, hence you get help in finding that electrical problem.


Snap-on Multi-Probe Ultra EECT900 Features

Snap-on Multi-Probe UltraThe unit EECT900 is designed so that it fits comfortably in the mechanics hand. In addition, the large LCD display is rear-facing, hence it faces the direction of the user. AC and DC voltage can be tested, along with resistance (ohms) and amperage. Technicians can easily check the battery status with the Multi-Probe Ultra, in case it’s in need of charge.

A convenient 23′ cable provides mobility to the user, even when connected to the battery and you need to check brake lights or trailer connectors. Unique colors are used on the LCD display to indicate different selections: Purple AC Voltage, Orange DC Voltage, Yellow Amperage, White Ohms. In addition to the visual readings on the LCD, the EECT900 uses audible smart-tones for tip-readings, warning sounds and more.

The sharp probing point on the end of the Snap-on Multi-Probe Ultra allow this to be used much like a typical test-light. Function buttons allow the user to scroll up and down, as well as clear, toggle menu/mode, the light, and powering a circuit. Also important, the inclusive AC meter displays everything simultaneously – peak-to-peak, pulse width, duty cycle, frequency and TRMS. Finally, the EECT900 defends against sweat and moisture with the IP65 water-resistant rating.

Our Take

There is no doubt that newer and better electrical diagnostic tools are needed, for work in our feature-riddled vehicles. We like seeing compact and ergonomic tools like the Snap-on Multi-Probe Ultra EECT900. This is like several tools rolled into one, and useful tools at that. We will do our best to get one of these in the shop for a full review and testing. Until then, you can find out more information on the EECT900 here.


Snap-on EETC900 Specifications

  • Snap-on EECT900 at Fuse BlockAC Measurement: 200 VAC TRMS 200V P-P
  • Amp Measurement: .5–50 Amps
  • Circuit Breaker Settings: 2–30 Amps – Adjustable
  • DC Measurement: 1–99% and .5–200 V
  • Display: 2.4″ Diag. Color LCD
  • Max Tip Voltage: 200 V
  • Normal Battery Voltage: 12–24 VDC
  • Power Cable: 23 Foot, 14 GA Replaceable
  • Country Of Origin: CHN
  • Water Resistant: IP65 Rating
  • Warranty: 18 Month

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