Tools from SEMA Show 2022 – Day 1

Tools of SEMA Show 2022 Day 1 FI

Tools from the SEMA Show 2022

Another year and another trip to the SEMA Show 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. While the trip and location may be the same, the show always changes, and it never disappoints. Every day was full of new adventures with new tools and equipment from Milwaukee, OmniWall, VIM Tools, Milton Industries, and more. It’s great to see that 2022 is even better than our Tools of SEMA Show 2021 just last year. Don’t miss our coverage from each day of this awesome week. 

OmniWall USA Metal Pegboard and Cabinets

OmniWall metal panels are made in the USA, even down to the powder coating. These new cabinets integrate with wall panels.

Get OmniWall Here

Milwaukee 2482 & 2483 M12 FUEL Bandfile

These new M12 FUEL Bandfiles from Milwaukee should be a big hit, especially for auto-body technicians. We love the dual speeds and the ability to reverse the direction of the belt. With just the flip of a lever you can adjust the head 360-degrees and lock it at any location.

Milwaukee Bandfile at ACME

Lock N Lube Grease and Tire Locking Coupler

One of the biggest pains of using a grease gun is removing the self-locking tip from the grease zerk fitting. Lock-n-Lube has the cure for this problem by providing their patented trigger operated locking fitting. Just press the trigger and it releases. They’ve also taken the same technology and implemented it for tire valves. 

Lock-n-Lube on Amazon

VIM Tools Low Profile U-Joint Sockets

VIM Tools’ new low-profile universal joint can be used with your 1/4″ ratchet or with an 11mm ratcheting wrench. 

Get VIM Tools Here

Milwaukee 2127 M12 Paint and Detailing Color Match LED Light

When you’re working on the finish of a car inside, it’s near impossible to know what it’s going to look like when you get it under the sun. This new Milwaukee M12 Color Match light allows you to set the color temperature of the light, so you can see the finish in various color temps. 

Color Match Light at ACME

Knipex 4″ Cobra and 4″ Pliers Wrench

Who doesn’t need a pair of 4-inch adjusting pliers? You can get the Knipex 4″ Cobra Pliers that grab on to just about anything, or you can choose the Knipex 4″ Pliers Wrench that have smooth jaws.

Knipex on Amazon

VIM Tools Ratcheting Flare Nut Wrenches

Strong Hand Tools Mini Positioner

SEMA Show 2022 Day 1 Wrap-Up

Day one is in the books and we set the bar for the days to follow. Let us know if there’s something we missed that you’d like to see. Also, don’t miss our reviews coming up.



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