Tools of SEMA 2016 – Day 2 Coverage

Tools of SEMA 2016

The second day of the SEMA Show 2016 was nothing short of the expectations coming in. More custom cars and accessories than you thought could fit in the convention center. At least, this day, I remembered to bring the mic, so we could shoot some quick videos of the great tools of SEMA 2016. With only one day left in our visit, the sadness is beginning to set in. At the same time, I know we’re blessed to be here, so I’ll keep on the sunny side.

Milwaukee Tools

Welding is HOT!

The welding companies were all in full force at SEMA 2016, and their booths were all full with interested buyers. We didn’t report on all of them, but we’ll name a few. Miller had several models to showcase, but we discussed the Multimatic 215 with one of the consultants at the booth. With the TIG torch, the Multimatic 215 can be bought for less than $1,900. This unit will MIG, TIG, or Stick weld and is great for the beginner or novice. This is a great pro machine as well, for someone doing body work or general mechanics. Users have the option to run the Multimatic with voltage input of 120V or 230V.

ESAB was another one that was promoting their do-everything multi-process welder. The Rebel line of ESAB welders start at around $1,800 for the 215 and go up from there. This includes the MIG and TIG torch as well. ESAB exclusive is the sMIG (smart MIG) technology that has dynamic arc control and constantly monitors complex arc characteristics, adapting to your technique to provide a smooth and superior weld. The Rebel also includes dual voltage input, so it can be supplied with 120V or 230V.

Lincoln Electric also had a vast array of machines for eyes to behold, but the most impressive was the active display of the Torchmate 4800 CNC plasma cutting machine in action. This all-in-one CNC plasma table will cut up to ¾” thick mild steel plate. The unit comes pre-assembled, is available for overnight shipping from Lincoln, so your first job may be just hours away. Check out the short clip below of the Torchmate 4800 in action.

Power and Mechanic Tools

All the way from down under, SP Tools, out of Australia showcased many tools in their line. In particular, we had a look at the SP81130 18V ½” Impact Wrench. The kit comes with a blow-molded case, charger and two 5-Ah batteries. The 81130 delivers 750 ft/lbs. or working torque and 1250 ft/lbs. of breakaway, or nut-busting, torque. Although SP Tools is out of Australia, they do have distribution here in the U.S. You can purchase SP Tools individually, or you can buy them in systems, ready for your toolbox. You can even purchase toolboxes full of the tools, including foam-inlayed and pre-labeled drawers.

Gone are the days of needing just hex sockets and a Philips screwdriver. Cars today are loaded with specialty fasteners like torx, reverse torx (E), allen and security bits. Gearwrench put together a kit to ease the pain of finding your bits. The Gearwrench 84-piece bit set includes SAE and metric in Hex (Allen). Torx and E-torx (reverse) bit sockets come in their standard sizes.  Large stamped sizes allow for easy identification, and the bits come in the expected full-polish chrome.

For hard to reach and limited access areas, this tool may be the answer for you. Tite-Reach extends the reach of your normal ratchet, and allows you to even use an impact driver or impact wrench. The Tite-Reach series is available in the Pro series for ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”, and there is even a 3/8” for the DIY series. You get a 14-inch reach with the ½” Pro model,  and it’s impact rated for up to 1,200 ft/lbs. of torque. The system is chain drive, so you can turn nuts and bolts with Zero degrees of arc. Tite-Reach also includes a lifetime warranty with their products.

Storage Systems and a Pipe Bender

We all know the value of great tool storage. Viper Tool Storage displayed some of their genius by organizing many tools into a small box and backboard, dubbed the WorkTop Kit. Included in the backdrop are a couple of Milwaukee Tool’s M12 series tools. Viper Storage sells complete storages systems, as well as individual tools and tool sets.

The Edward’s 10-ton pipe bender was on display in all its beauty. The bender can be powered by a separate Edwards 5hp porta power or use the Edwards Ironworker with the factory installed hydraulic accessory pack. The 5hp pump gives the user up to 2,750 psi. of bending force. This unit is designed for medium and heavy material, including 2” (I.D.) Schedule 40 pipe, 2-1/2″ (O.D.) tube and 2″ square tube. Edwards has more than 280 standard Bender Die Sets available to get your job done.

The Best Gas Cans – Ever!

I don’t know why I’m writing here. I should just post the picture, drop the mic and walk away. What in the world people?! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? I’m thinking Pulitzer Prize material here. Stackable gas cans. There, I said it and need I say more?!

Milwaukee Tools

These stackable gas cans also have patent pending technology for better pour rate than any other can. The pour spout is unlike any other, and the controllable vent makes total sense. Using OSHA rated cans are a pain, but Fuelworx is changing the game for sure. We can’t wait to get a few of these to try out here at the Shop Tool Reviews shop.

Day 2 – Tools of SEMA 2016 – A Success

We wrapped up the second day of SEMA with a several short clips of informative nuggets. Check them out on our Youtube channel, and make sure to subscribe. With only one day left of our visit here to SEMA 2016, we have done our best to pack in all the information we can. There is no way we will see the whole show, but we have been extremely impresses with what we have seen. There you have it, the Tools of SEMA 2016 in a nutshell. Stay tuned for one more day of fun, then it’s back to sunny Florida.




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