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Milwaukee NPS17 2017 Featured

Milwaukee Show NPS17 AgendaWe rarely turn down a chance to play with the newest tools, even yet to hit the market. Milwaukee always seems to launch new tools that have yet to be seen at there events. Such is the case with the Milwaukee NPS17 2017; NPS being short for New Product Symposium. In one packed day,  we experience over 80 new tools. From concrete to construction and mechanics, the big Red tools and accessories are in abundance.

Instead of writing a long novel on every tool released, we give you our cliff notes version of Milwaukee NPS17 2017. We give you the top 5 tools from Milwaukee NPS17, plus 5 bonus tools. Sure, you can call it top 10, if you like.

Top 5 Tools From Milwaukee NPS17 2017

#5: M12 LED Underhood Light

Number five (5) on our countdown comes from down under, under-hood that is. This is the Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood light, model 2125-20 as the bare tool, and 2125-21XC with the 4.0 XC battery and charger. both the bare tool and the kit include the underhood attachment. This light is currently available, as of June 2017, unlike the rest of the tools we discuss here. We actually wrote about this when announced it here: Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood Light Preview.

Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood Light 2

Milwaukee Unerhood LED FinishgaurdThe underhood LED is part of the Milwaukee Trueview HD lighting solutons. Not just built for mechanics, the Trueview LED helps detailers and painters enure swirls are removed and paint is matched correctly. No more surprises when you move the customer’s car outside for the first time.

With the included underhood attachment, the hooks made of sturdy metal, covered with plastic, and the plastic includes a non-marring surface they call FinshGuard. The M12 LED underhood light includes a Mode button and power button. Pressing the Mode button switches between Low and High. LED light output on High delivers 1350 lumens, while low provides still 600 lumens. Battery output from the 4.0 XC lithium battery provides 4 hours on High and 8 hours on Low. Pricing for the bare tool 2125-20 will be around $199, and around $250 for the kit 2125-21XC (4.0Ah battery and charger).

#4: M12 Soldering Iron

Some tools we anticipate to see at these events, but there are some that just surprise us. The new 2488-21 M12 Soldering Iron from Milwaukee definitely comes out of nowhere, in a good way. Soldering irons can be a pain, just for the fact of placing or sitting them somewhere. They typically don’t stand/sit on their own, so you need either another stand to hold them, or you lay them on something that you don’t mind burning. Not so with the new M12 soldering iron from Milwaukee, it stands on the base of the M12 battery, without issue.

Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron 2488

M12 Soldering Iron LED IndicatorTo aid in fitting the soldering iron in difficult places to work, Milwaukee added a multi-position head that can easily change. The user only needs to depress the button at the axis and rotate the head (soldering tip) to the desired position. One simple On/Off sliding switch controls the M12 soldering iron. Once the user turns On the iron, a green light starts blinking on the tool. The green LED light turns solid green when the iron reaches temperature (750 degrees F). In addition, once the iron is switched Off, the LED stays red until the iron cools down. The Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron is due to release in October and the bare tool will sell for about $80. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

#3: Mechanic Combination Wrenches – Metric and SAE

Back in March, in the Milwaukee Swivel Ratchet Socket Set 12pc Metric and SAE release article, I mentioned then that I thought “Milwaukee Tool has decided to put their hat in the ring with mechanic tools” and that “time will tell”. Time has been told, and NPS17 confirms that Milwaukee is definitely entering the mechanic tool market. The new Combination Wrenches from Milwaukee will be available in both SAE and Metric. With a large body, the wrenches fit nicely into the working hand without biting into the fingers as pressure is applied.

15-Piece Combination Wrench Sets

7-Piece Combination Wrench SetThe open end of the Milwaukee combination wrenches include Max Bite grip that is much like some of the newer wrenches we have reviewed. The Max Bite allows the fastener’s flat sides to receive the majority of force, so the points of the fastener are not rounded-off or stripped. Ink-filled labels allow the user to easily determine which size wrench to grab. Additionally, Red ink dictates a SAE wrench, and the Black ink is for the Metric wrenches. The Milwaukee Combination Wrenches will be available in a 15-piece metric, 15-piece SAE, 7-piece metric and 7-piece SAE. The 15pc sets will sell for about $120 and the 7pc will range in the $60-70. Due September 2017. These are a must-have for our tool box.


#2: 46″ Tool Box – High Capacity Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet

Milwaukee Mechanics ToolsTool boxes have become more and more ergonomic over the past few years, no longer is it just a place to throw your tools. Milwaukee understood this and added some niche features on their latest 46″ high capacity steel storage chest and cabinet. First and foremost, the body of the tool box is made from 19-gauge steel to enure durability for years to come. The frame is reinforced with angle iron and 6-inch industrial casters provide mobility of this beast. Metal edge protectors keep the box from unintended scars.

This 46″ box includes eighteen (18) soft close drawers that are 22″ deep, so more room to put all your stuff. In addition, there are two built-in power strips with USB ports as well. One side included the handles for directing the rolling box where you want, as well as a Milwaukee bottle opener adorns the same side (true to Milwaukee heritage). On the opposite end of the box is a paper-towel holder for easy cleanup of those greasy hands. This box is due to be released in November 2017, and we hope one makes it to the STR shop soon. Price on the 46″ high capacity box is supposed to be “just North of $1,000.”

Milwaukee Mechanics Tool Box

#1: Best Of Show – M18 FUEL High Torque Impact Wrench

Milwaukee 2767 High Torque ImpactThe real head-turner for me at the Milwaukee NPS17 2017 event was the new and redesigned M18 FUEL High Torque impact wrench – Model 2767. This new M18 cordless tool delivers up to 1,400 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque. If the numbers hold true, this should blow away all the others in the 1/2″ impact class. A new brushless motor enables a more compact tool, and still delivering more torque. The 1/2″ anvil has been redesigned, as well as the internal hammer has more “meat” (heavier).

We test the new 2767 M18 High Torque impact on some large fasteners and comparing against the class-leading 1/2″ air impact. The Milwaukee M18 cordless beat it in every way. We have a 1/2″ cordless impact wrench roundup coming up in a few weeks, and we sure hope this makes that show. This model is set for a September 2017 release, and will be available as a bare tool (2767-20) and as a kit (2767-22) with 2 – 5Ah batteries and charger. Price is unknown at this point, but we will be sure to follow-up once we know.

Milwaukee High Torque Impacts

Lug Nut TighteningIn addition to just the High Torque releasing, Milwaukee is set to release the One-Key Bluetooth version in November 2017. With the One-Key version, the user can set the torque in the app, on their smartphone, and the Milwaukee impact will stop rotations when the desired torque is achieved. This could be a great replacement for torque sticks at tire shops. We joined in on the testing of the Bluetooth version at the Milwaukee NPS17 show, as lug nuts were tightened with the High Torque vs. typical torque sticks.




Bonus Tools – Our Choices For 6 – 10

Because of the plethora of tools, we were unable to just keep it at the five (5) best tools from the Milwaukee NPS17 2017. We narrow it down to round out the remaining top ten (10). These may or may not be in a particular order.

M12 FUEL RatchetsM12 FUEL Cordless Ratchets

These M12 FUEL ratchets are built and intended to replace pneumatic ratchets. Available in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ size anvils, the ratchets deliver more than 60 ft-lbs of torque. In addition, the head design is set to be the most compact and allows access to tight spaces. The brushless motor and steel components ensure durability for years of use from the new M12 FUEL ratchets. Coming September 2017.

M12 FUEL Ratchet Comparison

M12 FUEL Drill and Impact Driver

The new M12 FUEL drill and impact driver have been shortened and improved to deliver more power in a more compact unit. With the M12 FUEL 1/4″ impact driver, you get 20% faster speeds and an industry-leading 1,300 in-lbs of torque. This is in addition to a shorter tool of over one (1) inch, compared to the competition. Now, the new M12 FUEL impact driver includes a 4-mode drive control, including the TEK screw mode.

More than 1-inch has been trimmed from the older version of the M12 FUEL to this 2nd generation. This makes it even more compact, and an excellent choice for tight areas and trades such as mechanics and HVAC. The all metal 1/2″ chuck provides the technicians ability to use larger drill bits as well. The 2nd generation M12 FUEL drill and impact driver will be available in December 2017.

Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System

Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System HandleMilwaukee’s new Packout modular storage system had a real shot at making our top 5, and it probably will in many user’s minds. With other manufacturers jumping on the storage system wagon, Milwaukee was destined to do the same. It seems they are setting themselves apart with building a system with more depth and breadth that the competition. In addition to tool boxes that lock together, the Packout system also includes organizers and tote bags. Not only that, but the totes are available in 3 sizes, tool boxes in 3 sizes, and the organizers in 2 sizes. Even more, the totes and organizers are available in 1/2 sizes. At the Milwaukee NPS17 2017, we perform the concrete block drop test. This shatters the black and yellow box, but just bounces off the Milwaukee Packout modular storage system box.

Milwaukee Packout Modular Storage System

M18 FUEL Hackzall

Unless you live under a rock, there is no doubt that Milwaukee not only invented the Sawzall (recip saw), but they also seem to stay on top of the category. Many have long awaited the M18 FUEL version of the one-handed sawzall, dubbed “Hackzall.” The wait is over, it is finally here. The Powerstate brushless motor provides power to the 7/8″ stroke to deliver the fastest cuts in class. The new M18 Hackzall is due out in October 2017.

M18 FUEL HackzallMilwaukee M18 Hackzall

Milwaukee Cushion Grip Screwdriver Kit

Milwaukee Screwdriver KitDue in October 2017, Milwaukee is expanding their line of hand tools by adding the Cushion Grip screwdriver kit. An anti-peel grip provides cushion that won’t peel or slip, hence battling the harshest elements and chemicals in the shop. Custom machined tips reduce and prevent camout and stripped screws. Also, knurled shanks make it easy for finger-tightening and loosening of fasteners. Wrench-ready bolsters allow the user to gain more torque for the toughest fastening applications. Indented identification for the type of driver allows the user to “feel” for the right screwdriver.


Milwaukee NPS17 2017 Event Conclusion

It seems Milwaukee continues to “disrupt” the tool world with more innovation, and they definitely know how to have fun. Milwaukee NPS17 2017 draws to a close and we check the box for another successful tool trip. Keep your eyes open for all the new releases, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed. We sit and wait, with anticipation for all the great Milwaukee tools to reach our shop.

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