Walter VP Countersinks Redesign Preview

VP Countersink Application

Succeeding today means you must complete your fabrication job to specs, as well as set your work apart from the competition. Using countersinks for precise fastener depth is one way to achieve these stringent demands. Walter VP Countersinks have been redesigned to maximize performance and durability. This redesign helps to keep you and your company on the cutting edge, while exceeding expectations.

Redesigned Walter VP Countersinks Features

Walter Surface Technologies is a global leader in the metal working industry, including surface treatments. With the included straight sank design, the VP line of countersinks are a great choice whether your shop uses hand drills, milling equipment or CNC machines. In addition, three new larger sizes feature a Weldon shank for mag-drilling (magnetic), which were added to the VP line.

This redesign of the countersinks provides more precision when drilling on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, as well as cooler temperatures of the bits and material. An exclusive mixture of chromium and aluminum coating provide more heat resistance, hence creating a longer lifespan. This same mixture aids in vibration prevention and tool overload. Furthermore, with more width between the teeth on the head, the new design allows for better alignment and positioning.


“The bits are stronger, tougher and offer optimal drilling precision,” says Stéphane Drainville, Product Manager, Tooling and Power Tools at Walter Surface Technologies. “They’re more stable and allow for chatter-free countersinking.”

Walter VP Countersinks FeaturedWalter VP Countersinks Specifications

  • Countersinks Sizes Marked On Inside Panel
  • Resistant Plastic Case
  • VP M2 HSS Countersinks
  • All Portable Countersinking Applications
  • All Stationnary Countersinking Applications
  • Chamferring
  • Deburring


Made of M2 High Speed Steel (HSS), the Walter VP Countersinks have very high wear resistance, in addition to durability. Their 82° point angle is ideal for countersinking; however, they are a great choice for deburring and chamfering as well. As part of the new countersinking kits, the countersinks come in a portable case that includes five various sizes. The VP Countersinks are a part of Walter’s complete line of drilling solutions, which include Walter’s Coolcut metal cutting lubricant and the Icecut magnetic drilling units.

To find out more information about the Walter Surface Technologies VP Countersinks, click here.


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