Milwaukee 2845 M18 Carry-On Video Review

Milwaukee 2845 M18 Carry-On FI

Milwaukee 2845 M18 Carry-On Features

Powered by four M18 18-volt batteries, the Milwaukee 2845 m18 Carry-On delivers up to 3600 Watts of startup power and 1800 Watts of continuous power. It doesn’t matter which M18 batteries you use, but Milwaukee does recommend 5.0Ah and higher. Obviously, the larger the Ah battery used, the more capacity and runtime you will attain.

Our first look at this power station was earlier this year at the Milwaukee PIPELINE event.

Solid Build

A complete exoskeleton around the entire Milwaukee Carry-On acts like a roll cage to protect this power station. Regardless of which side, top, or bottom it rests on, this high-impact plastic protects the batteries and box. Once all four batteries are mounted, the handle can be expanded and locked to keep the batteries secure.

Milwaukee 2845 M18 Carry-On_3

Indoor Generator Power Station

While this is not necessarily a generator, this Milwaukee Power Station is safe to use indoors, powering tools, refrigerators, or charging laptops. The Pure Sinewave technology (NOT Modified Sinewave) deems the Carry-On safe for charging sensitive electronics like phones, tablets, and laptops. You get two 110/120V outlets, one USB-A (2.1A), and one USB-C (3A) output. These can all be used simultaneously as long as the continuous output doesn’t exceed 1,800 Watts.

Milwaukee 2845 M18 Carry-On

Testing the Milwaukee Carry-On Power Station

The versatility of this tool makes it a great fit for jobsites as well as emergency use. We pushed the 1800W/15A limit by running a 15-Amp rear-handle circular saw at full depth through the length of a 4×4. Furthermore, the blade was rusty from sitting for years without use. Our 10,000 Watt halogen bulb switchboard also made an appearance, allowing us to push the Carry-On beyond the limits. With six 500-W lights glowing, the Milwaukee 2845 power station delivered the goods for more than 41 seconds. The power station then tripped off. Recycling the power switch turned the unit right back on, ready for more.

Milwaukee 2845 M18 Carry-On_2

Our Thoughts

At the moment, here in Central Florida, we’re deep into storm preparedness mode with Hurricane Ian breathing down our necks. This Milwaukee Carry-On is a great fit for powering appliances and tools inside. With that said, this M18 Power Station is more fit for the jobsite, which is what Milwaukee intended. Still, we would love to see an LCD screen with real-time power output, and solar panel charging would be a huge win. Definitely check out the video for more information.

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