Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mower 21″ Self Propelled Video Review

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Mower FI

Milwaukee 2823 M18 FUEL Brushless Mower Features

They weren’t messing around when they released the new Milwaukee 2823 M18 FUEL Mower. Even though many of the other tool manufacturers beat them to the mower punch, Milwaukee may have the upper hand now. This 21-inch self-propelled brushless cordless lawnmower runs on two of the M18 12Ah batteries. You get a 21-inch blade and a stamped steel deck that really stiffens up the chassis. The overall width of the lawnmower is just 22-inches, making it perfect for getting into tight spaces. 

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The two front 8-inch wheels spin freely while the 10-inch rear wheels are the drive-wheels for the self-propelled motor. You get 5 forward modes to choose from that control the speed from 0 – 4mph. In the top setting, this is a pretty brisk walk, even for a 6’2″ body that’s used to walking fast. With the mulching plug in place, the mower naturally mulches the clippings, dropping out the bottom. In just seconds, you can attach the side discharge, which is a 90-degree chute that launches the clippings out the left-rear of the mower. Finally, you can also choose to attach the bagger, also in just seconds, to catch and bag all the clippings. 

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Power and Light

The most impressive attribute of the Milwaukee 2823 mower has to be the absolute power it delivers to the blade. We pushed it pretty hard through our jungle and it showed no signs of even slowing down. As soon as the brushless motor technology sensed the Milwaukee 2823 M18 FUEL mower was in the deep stuff, it increased power to the motor. During normal usage, the blade spins at 2,800 RPM, and it speeds up to 3,300 RPM under full load. You can also choose to push the button on the handle that will manually put the mower blade at high speed. The Milwaukee 2823 mower includes 4 LED lights that do an excellent job of lighting up the turf even during the darkest of nights. We had no problem mowing stripes during the dark. The Milwaukee M18 Mower will set you back a cool grand for the mower, 2x M18 12AH Batteries, and the dual-bay Rapid Charger. You get a 3-year warranty on the batteries and a 3-year warranty on the lawnmower as well.

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