Milwaukee Packout Radio Video Review – M18 2950 Bluetooth

Milwaukee Packout Radio FI

As a part of the Home Depot Prospective program, we get the benefit of testing and reviewing certain tools. This Milwaukee Packout Radio and charger is one of such products. The Packout radio derives its name from the Milwaukee Packout System that helps tradespeople stay organized on and off the jobsite. We first got to see this M18 Packout Radio back in June of 2019 at the Milwaukee New Product Symposium.

Milwaukee Packout Radio Stacked

Milwaukee Packout Radio and Charger Features

Four tweeters and four mid-range speakers reside on each corner, delivering sound 360-degrees around the shop. Exiting out the rear is the 4-inch subwoofer and the passive resonator. The low range from the sub is much less directional, so it doesn’t need to be pointed in any direction. An onboard EQ allows the user to adjust Bass and Treble for a customized sound.

Milwaukee Packout Radio Phone Storage

Smart phones and devices can connect to the Milwaukee Bluetooth Radio via the Aux cord or via Bluetooth 4.2, providing up to a 100-foot wireless range. Power comes from either an M18 battery or the included 120V power cord. The radio also charges the M18 battery when there is an M18 battery present and when power is supplied by the cord. The compartment that houses the M18 battery is sealed with a rubber gasket, protecting what’s inside from moisture and debris.

Our Thoughts

Who doesn’t like listening to their favorite songs, whether at work or leisure? With the Milwaukee Packout Radio, you get the benefits of great sound and the expansion of your Packout system. Home Depot sells the Milwaukee 2950 Bluetooth radio for $299 and this includes a 1-year warranty.

Milwaukee 2950 M18 Bluetooth Radio Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22 in W x 16.2 L x 6.77 H
  • Battery Life: 12 h
  • Battery Type Required: M18 18-volt
  • Tuners: AM/FM/Bluetooth/Aux
  • Presets: 9 for AM and 9 for FM
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Power Supply: 18-volt Battery or 120V Outlet
  • Price: Home Depot $299

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