Mini-Ductor Venom Video – Remove Rusty Bolts with No Flame

Mini-Ductor Venom MDV-777 FI
Induction Heater
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Final Thoughts

The MDV-777 delivers great results from a handheld induction heater. The 120V powered Mini-Ductor Venom will heat a 3/4″ headed bolt in seconds, and you can still hold the other end of the bolt with your fingers. The Mini-Ductor Venom also works great for softening and removing adhesives and sealants. Check out the video for more great info.

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Why might you need the Mini-Ductor Venom in your shop? For one, it’s an excellent solution for removing stubborn, rusty, and old nuts and bolts. We used the MDV-777 on a 50-year-old (69′ Chevy Truck) suspension nut that was rusted-on. After about 30-seconds, the nut was smoking from old grease and grime. A little grunt from a combination wrench and it was loose.

Mini-Ductor Venom MDV-777 FI

Mini-Ductor Venom Induction Heater Features

Induction Innovations, Inc. started in 2000 and to this day, they still run the business and handle all manufacturing in Elgin, IL. Founder and CEO, Tom Gough, spent 40 years in the collision industry, spending the first 28 years hands-on. He saw the need for flameless heating tools for removing fasteners and body panels. Thus, the first model of the Inductor series was born.

Mini-Ductor Venom Heating Bolt

Mini-Ductor Venom Induction Heater KitYou may have seen an induction cook-top, the burner itself doesn’t get hot, it transfers the energy to heat just the pan. These induction heaters work much the same way. The Mini Ductor Venom, model MDV-777, is a 110-120V powered induction heater that generates invisible heat to ferrous metals. Even some non-ferrous metals work with the Induction heaters as well. Not only do induction heaters mitigate the dangers of open flames, but they work up to 90% faster.

The MDV-777 wraps everything in a pretty package and makes it easy to use. To remove and install different elements, you just twist the lock 1/8-th of turn to unlock. A green LED light illuminates while the trigger is depressed and all systems are Go. An automatic fan continues to run after the trigger is released to aid in cooling the internal controls. A small slide-switch in front of the trigger controls the LED light on the front of the MDV-777, casting light on your work.

Final Thoughts

Using induction heating for loosening stuck fasteners and even loosening adhesives is pretty eye-opening. If you haven’t tried it, you should. The Mini-Ductor Venom runs about $450 for the kit. While this is not exactly cheap, you don’t have to use an open flame, and you don’t have to replace tanks and fuel. In all aspects, the MDV-777 worked great for us and we’d recommend it again. You also get a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

For more information, click the Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor Venom.

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