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Final Thoughts

The DeWalt DCBL772 definitely makes some impressive power and it moves about anything in its path. This is a great supplementary tool for a lawn pro, but it’s also a great tool for cleaning and clearing the shop floor. It is just a bit heavy for a handheld at almost 10 lbs for the blower and battery. Blowing around the shop, you’re probably not going to notice this weight. You can get the DCBL772X1 kit with the 9Ah FlexVolt (3Ah 60V) for just $269.

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DeWalt upgraded their new handheld blower, in a major way, and the performance shows. The new DeWalt 60V blower bears the model DCBL772 and runs on their FlexVolt platform. This particular kit comes with the FlexVolt 9Ah battery (3Ah at 60V).

DeWalt 60V Blower In Use

Great For Shop Sweeping

More and more landscapers are adding battery-powered tools, like the DeWalt 60v blower, to their lineup as a supplemental tool. More than 500 communities in the US have restrictions or bans on gas-powered lawn tools, and that number is rising. Having something like the DCBL772 allows you to start earlier in those concerned neighborhoods.

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DeWalt 60V Blower DCBL772 Features

A large diameter outlet tube delivers 600 cfm, which compares to even some of the small gas-powered backpack blowers on the market. Even with the large-diameter tube, the DeWalt DCBL772 still manages to create 125 mph wind speed. Together, the mph and cfm is what does your work. CFM will blow leaves, while more MPH will do a better job of ‘sweeping’ concrete.

DeWalt DCBL772 Blower Desk

DeWalt did a great job of moving the battery off the back of the air intake, which guards against pants legs and shirttails blocking the intake. The fan blade and axial design act much like a turbine or jet engine. The variable speed trigger and cruise control give you flexibility on how you throttle the blower. With the battery, the DeWalt 60V blower weighs just under 10-lbs. This is a bit heavy, but this really wasn’t so noticeable when using around the shop and jobsite.

DeWalt DCBL772 FlexVolt Blower Specifications

  • DeWalt DCBL772 Blower Axial

    Axial Design

    Weight (with 9Ah battery): 9.4 lb

  • Battery: FlexVolt Li-Ion 9 Ah (@ 20V); 3Ah (@ 60V)
  • Blower Type: Handheld Axial
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Max CFM: 600
  • Max Air Speed (MPH): 125
  • Noise Rating: 67 dB
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
  • MSRP: $269 Home Depot

Final Thoughts

After testing and playing around our shop, we took the new DeWalt 60V blower over to our friends at The Joinery. Jon found a new use for the blower: as an air conditioner. You can see in the video Jon cooled off many construction workers in the Central Florida heat. We are very impressed with the DeWalt DCBL772 axial blower and it has found a new home as our shop floor cleaner. It’s great for blowing out that residual dirt and oil dry that sticks around. You should definitely try out the new DCBL772, you’ll be a believer in the performance.

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