RYOBI P3340 Air Cannon Hybrid Fan Video Review

RYOBI P3340 Hybrid Fan FI

RYOBI P3340 Fan – Air Cannon

Whether you need to cool off or just move some air, the RYOBI P3340 Hybrid Cordless Fan will give you several options. Dubbed the Air Cannon, this cordless fan will move up to 2400 CFM of air. Weighing in at less than 15-lbs, you can easily take this where you want, hence, in or out of the shop.

HYBRID – One+ 18V Cordless or Corded

This RYOBI P3340 fan can be powered by the popular One+ 18-volt batteries, or you just plug in your 120V extension cord to power the fan for longer runtimes. On the rear of the fan (intake side), you can remove the battery and access the male plug to attach your 120V cord. Just above the battery location sits the 3-speed dial that allows the user to select the preferred speed of the fan.

Even with the Air Cannon on High (Speed 3), you can still easily carry on a conversation without raising voices. With the hybrid fan on Speed 1 or 2, it’s almost whisper-quiet. A wide base makes this fan very stable, and the base also allows for hanging on a wall or ceiling.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cordless LED lights and fans, we’re a fan. Pun intended, corny as it may be! Check out our video review on the RYOBI Hybrid LED Lights as well. This RYOBI Air Cannon is an 18″ fan that delivers up to 2400 CFM, yet it’s still less than 15-lbs. It’s hard to beat the convenience and power of this hybrid unit. While $149 is a bit steep for a fan, it really offers much more flexibility than your typical shop fan. You can pick one up at your local Home Depot or online, and you get a 3-year warranty.

RYOBI P3340 Air Cannon Hybrid Fan $149

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