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Graco Ultra Cordless Handheld Sprayer Featured

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By using the Graco Ultra cordless handheld sprayer, a painter can save time and be better equipped for smaller jobs. There is plenty of power on tap to deliver the finish needed.

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After painting residential and commercial structures for more than 17 years, I’ve seen my fair share of “new products.” I’m surprised to say that this Graco Ultra cordless handheld sprayer is very impressive. The easy power/pressure adjustment dial allows the user to adjust the spray to exactly what is needed for the application. In addition, the removable RacX tip portrays a more professional appearance and performance.

Graco Ultra Cordless Handheld Sprayer Features

The Graco Ultra cordless handheld sprayer is a portable airless sprayer that derives power from DeWalt 20V Max batteries. Graco uses the Triax triple-piston pump to deliver up to 2,000 pounds of tip pressure. Painters adjust the tip pressure by the power dial located near the battery, which is a variable dial from 1 – 10. The removable RacX tip (FF LP 514 included) is reversible, so you get ease of unclogging without removal.

The Graco Ultra lineup (Ultra croded, Ultra cordless, and Ultra Max crodless) all require the same RacX FF LP tips. These tips are available from .008-.016. Removing and replacing the Triax pump is possible by any competent user, in the field. With just a phillips screwdriver, remove the screws on the door, remove the door, replace the pump, door and screws.


Graco Ultra Cordless Sprayer Specifications

  • Graco Ultra Cordless Handheld Sprayer FeaturedRAC X FF LP 514 Tip
  • 2 – DEWALT 20V-Max Compact Lithium Ion Batteries
  • DEWALT 20V-Max Lithium Ion Battery Charger
  • 4 – 32 oz FlexLiner Bags
  • Durable Storage Bag
  • 4 oz Bottle of Pump Armor Storage Fluid
  • Warranty: 30-Day “Just Add Paint” Replacement Guarantee
  • 1-Year Defect Warranty: Coverage against defects in materials and workmanship on the entire sprayer



This is one fine cordless sprayer, in addition it’s definite improvement over the past Graco handheld units that I’ve used. Power is not a concern with the Graco Ultra cordless handheld sprayer, also fine-tuning is easy with the power dial. The biggest limitation is the 1-quart cup size, hence the lack of quantity limits the size of the job. Hopefully, some sort of back-pack system will soon be available to deliver more quantity to the Ultra. Overall, I would recommend this to any professional, especially for use on specialty or smaller projects.

To find out where to purchase the Graco Ultra Cordless Handheld Sprayer, click here.


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