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This 12V Ridgid palm impact screwdriver is the perfect fit for small jobs in tight spots. The impact pressure sensitive switch and impacts allow fasteners to be tightened with finesse.

A mysterious package showed up at the shop the other day, which is somewhat typical these days. The contents included the 12V Ridgid Palm Impact screwdriver kit, model R8224K. I have seen these and even used one for a few brief seconds at one of the media events.

For the tradespeople working on homes and construction, the use and benefits seem pretty obvious. The 12V Ridgid R8224K is what I consider a light-duty impact screwdriver, and great for switch plates, outlet covers and cabinet doors. Given the audience of Shop Tool Reviews being steeped in mechanic, industrial and large wood shops, I honestly push it aside…until that “Aha” moment hits me.

Perfect Use – Ridgid Palm Impact Screwdriver

A pesky leaking windshield needs my attention, so I round up the tools needed for the repair. After I pulled the rubber door seal away from the pillar, I remember. Removing these small torx screws on the pillar would be great test for that Ridgid 12V palm impact. Even with the door wide open, there is very little room between the pillar and the door. Removing the torx screws usually includes something like the Gearwrench 81602 ratcheting wrench insert bit set.


Ridigid Palm Driver - 5 InchesAt only 5 inches from the tip to the back/top of the Ridgid palm driver, this fits perfect, even on the lowest torx screw. There is no trigger, paddle or on/off switch for powering the bit. In fact, pressure to the bit starts the cordless power and engages the bit to start turning. The more pressure, the faster and more powerful the impacts. At the top/front of the Ridgid is a reversing switch and lock. With the switch in the middle, the tool is locked, to the left is Reverse (loosen) and the right is Forward (tighten).

Another opportunity arises while working on a secret project here at Shop Tool Reviews shop. The small vehicle needs some 1-1/2” screws run through some 1/8” aluminum, into some plastic retainers on the other side. The area is only big enough for a stubby screwdriver and it’s tough to get a hand in deep enough, so the driver wants to cam-out. Again, the Ridgid palm impact screwdriver worked great, and the impact drives the screw without cam-out, all the way to tight.

Ridgid Palm Driver Reversing SwitchRidgid 12V Palm Impact R8224K Features and Specifications

  • Push-to-drive technology- pressure sensitive variable speed switch
  • Ultra compact design for easy portability and access to the tightest spaces
  • On board battery fuel gauge
  • 1-handed quick-load bit holder
  • On board grip light engages LED light and fuel gauge
  • Backed by the RIDGID lifetime service agreement upon registration; free batteries, parts; and service; for life


  • Ridgid Palm Impact Screwdriver
  • 1.5Ah Litium Ion Battery
  • Chrarger for 12V Lithium Ion Ridgid Batteries

Ridgid Palm Impact On Pillar


One Handed Bit InsertThe biggest and baddest cordless impact is not always the right tool. In fact, many times, it may not even fit. Also, you may need an impact in a small area where you can’t seem to get a screwdriver or nutdriver. This 12V Ridgid palm impact screwdriver could be the exact tool to fill the niche. With the 12V power, it’s likely not going to overwhelm the fastener with torque. And, the pressure sensitive switch allows the user to control the torque and impacts delivered. I see the need to keep this in the Shop Tool Reviews tool box for further user, hence I’m sure we’ll uncover even more uses in due time.


The price is right on the 12V Ridgid palm impact screwdriver and the warranty even better. You can pick one these up at your local Home Depot for just $99. Be sure to register your Ridgid powertool, so it will be covered life, including batteries.

To purchase your own Ridgid 12V palm impact driver, click here.

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