RIDGID R8656 Sub Compact Brushless Circular Saw Video Review

RIDGID R8656 Sub Compact Saw FI

RIDGID R8656 Sub Compact Circular Saw Features

Using the RIDGID R8656 Sub Compact Circ Saw will allow you to shed weight, and be more nimble, while still getting your work done. This is a 6-1/2″ circular saw that’s not lacking in the power department. The RIDGID 18V lithium-ion battery powers the brushless motor that spins the 6-1/2″ blade up to 5,000 RPM (no load). With a 2-1/4″ max depth, the R8656 has no problem cutting through 2x lumber. Setting the angle to 45-degrees, you still get 1-9/16″ cut depth, again cutting all the way through 2x dimensional lumber.

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Cutting Angle Adjustment

An onboard Allen (hex) key provides quick access while changing blades; however, no tools are necessary for setting the shoe angle or depth of cut. A quick flip of a lever lets you quickly adjust the angle of the shoe. White numbers on a black background allow you to easily read the angle you’ve selected. Setting the depth of cut is just as easy, by flipping a lever, but seeing the scale is a bit more cumbersome.

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Using the Brushless 6-1/2″ Sub Compact

For a 6-1/2″ saw, the RIDGID R8656 Sub Compact powers through cuts in our 2x pressure-treated lumber. Making straight cross-cuts is pretty simple for the saw, and even with applying ample pressure, the saw doesn’t bog. Cutting the same lumber at a 45-degree angle, you definitely notice a slow-down in the speed of cut, but it’s able to cut all the way through without any issue. While this isn’t a rear-handle ripper, this RIDGID brushless 6-1/2″ circ saw made several full rips of the 2x lumber at a decent pace.

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Final Thoughts

For a small compact saw, the RIDGID R8656 can accomplish quite a bit of work. Typically, a 6-1/2″ sub compact saw is meant for making crosscuts in dimensional lumber and cutting sheet goods. Don’t expect the best dust extraction from this saw, but it’s very nimble. You can get this R8656 by itself at the Home Depot for just $149.

RIDGID R8656 at Home Depot

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