Ryobi 18V Shop Vac Video Review

Ryobi 18V Shop Vac FI

Cleaning up around the shop is never a fun task, so the handier and easier you can make it, the better. The plethora of cordless tools over the past decade has created a hatred of cords in me. Maybe not hate, but I would much rather reach for a cordless tool than to look for an outlet. The new Ryobi 18V shop vac is playing right into my hand.

Cordless vacuums are nothing new. In fact, most every powertool manufacturer has at least one cordless vacuum model. Now, having one that actually works well is another story. What’s impressive with this Ryobi 18v shop vac is that it pulls 80CFM, and it’s only $99. Before you rush out and buy one right now, let me clarify that is the price for the bare tool (vacuum only – no battery).


Ryobi 18V Shop Vac – One+ Platform

Hose and Accessory Containment

Hose and Accessory Containment

Since the One+ platform includes more than 100 tools, there’s a high likelihood that you may already own a Ryobi 18-volt battery or two. With the One+ platform, any battery will power any tool (old or new, tool or battery).

This Ryobi 18V shop vac is a wet or dry vacuum, so it will handle any of your spills as well. With a 6-gallon capacity, you don’t have to worry about emptying it every five minutes either. One thing Ryobi didn’t skimp on is wheels and handles. There are two large wheels on either side while a swivel caster resides on the front and back. With the wheels and casters, Ryobi has taken all the top-heaviness out of this wet/dry vacuum.

Finally, the Ryobi 18V shop vac is very self-contained. The main suction hose wraps neatly around the center handle, the extension tubes slide into elastic on each side, and the accessories fit securely in the elastic loops on one end. This is a no-frill cordless vacuum that works really well. We were surprisingly impressed.

You can purchase the Ryobi 18V Shop Vac at the Home Depot for just $99.

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