RYOBI PSBCS01 HP 6-1/2″ Circular Saw Video Review

RYOBI PSBCS01 HP Circular Saw FI

RYOBI PSBCS01 HP Saw Features

This new RYOBI PSBCS01 One+ HP circular saw rips up sheet goods but doesn’t shy away 2x lumber either. How far are we going to push the limits on these cordless tools? It wasn’t too long ago that almost every saw on the jobsite had a cord on it. Now, we have a 6-1/2″ RYOBI saw making cross cuts and 45-degree bevel cuts in 2x pressure-treated lumber. And, you’ll be able to pick this saw up from The Home Depot for less than $120.

RYOBI PSBCS01 HP Circular Saw

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With the HP tools we get a Brushless motor that is powered by the RYOBI One+ 18V battery, hence churning the 6-1/2″ blade to 4,900 RPM. The baseplate and blade guard are both aluminum for lightness and rigidity. You get a 0-degree and 45-degree cut-line notch on the front of the baseplate. Just a quick turn of the thumb screw allows you to change the bevel from 0 to 50-degrees. You can also set the depth of cut up to 2-1/4″ with the flip of a lever. The only tool needed is the hex key onboard the saw for blade changes.

RYOBI PSBCS01 HP Circular Saw_2

Just A Little Dust

Let’s face it, you’re probably not buying a saw like the RYOBI HP 6-1/2″ to be a framer or a cabinet maker. This is something you purchase to be nimble and quick, just make the cuts and move on. However, there are many that will make use of this saw for the finer and cleaner work. Just throw on the included dust port and now attach a dust extractor (vacuum). No, it doesn’t catch all the particulate, but it drastically cleans up the working area. Performance is very impressive for this little saw, and especially when the price is just $119. Expect to find these at your local Home Depot starting in September. 3-year warranty.

RYOBI PSBCS01 HP Circular Saw_4


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