SKIL 20XP Rear Handle Circular Saw Video Review

SKIL 20 XP Rear Handle Circular Saw FI

SKIL 20XP Rear Handle Circular Saw Features

Two 20-volt lithium batteries power this SKIL PWR CORE 20XP Rear Handle Circular Saw. Current is sent to the brushless motor that turns the 7-1/4″ 24-tooth blade up to 5,300 RPM. Sawdust and debris from the churning blade are shoot through a tube in the auxiliary handle, ejecting out the opposite side. Since the saw blade is on the left-hand side (blade-left), the retaining bolt is a left-hand thread. 

The base plate and blade guard are made from aluminum for rigidity and durability. This SKIL circular saw allows for bevels up to 53-degrees and the MAX cut depth of 2-9/16″. Enough depth to cut through 3x dimensional lumber. An onboard wrench stows away into the aluminum base for blade changes. Also included is a push-button arbor lock. 

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Power to Perform

Rear handle circular saws are meant to handle the heavy work, so they need ample power. With dual 20-volt batteries onboard and a brushless motor, the SKIL rear handle circular saw rips pressure-treated lumber with no hassle. Even with the bevel set to 45-degrees, cross-cutting and cutting 45-degree cross-cuts is no issue. 

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With the depth of cut retaining nut loose, the base plate remains ‘floppy’ which aids in plunge cuts. Performing these plunge cuts with the SKIL saw is easy and solid, the blade powers through the plunge and the saw remains sturdy. 

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Final Thoughts

Rear handle circular saws handle some of the most demanding carpentry work, so they typically carry a heavy price. You can get this SKIL 20XP Rear Handle Circular Saw for just $249. This price includes the saw, the two 5Ah batteries, and a dual-bay charger. Not only does the dual-bay charger charge both 20-volt batteries, but it charges them at the same time. SKIL also backs this saw with their 5-year warranty. 

SKIL 20XP Circ Saw on Amazon

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