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Final Thoughts

Make your shop more efficient with the Nova Voyager DVR variable speed drill press. With a 2 year warranty on the motor and controller and 5 year warranty on everything else, you can’t go wrong.

Maximizing efficiency in the shop remains atop the owners focus. Using tools like the Nova 58000 Voyager DVR variable speed drill press can drastically cut the time operators spend on changing spindle speeds, belts and pulleys. Users can adjust the Voyager DVR spindle speed from 50 to 5,500 rpms using the digital control panel. In addition to efficiency, the Nova variable speed drill press also significantly aids in safety. Any time you can keep the lawyers, insurers and OSHA at bay is time we can actually make money.

Nova Voyager DVR Variable Speed Drill Press Features

The Nova 58000  Voyager DVR variable speed drill press is only a fraction more than a typical 18″ belt and pulley drill press. The warranty for the Voyager DVR is 2 years for the motor and controller, and 5 years for everything else.  Wired for 110V, as it comes standard, the motor is rated at 1.75HP, which was more than enough power for the jobs we tried it on. At 220V, the output is raised to a full 2HP, hence this requires a different plug to be wired to the Nova variable speed drill press.

Nova 58000 Variable Speed Drill Press Specifications

  • Pro Tool Innovation Award 2015SKU: 58000
  • Power: 1.75HP/2HP Motor
  • Spindle Speed: 50-5500rpm variable
  • Direction: Forward & Reverse
  • 1.75HP/2HP Direct Drive, Variable Speed DVR Motor
  • Swing: 18”
  • Spindle Travel: 6”
  • Speed Range: 50-3000rpm is default (option in settings to increase to 5500rpm)
  • Spindle Taper: MT-2
  • Distance to Table: (Max.) 23 1/8” (587mm)
  • Distance to Base: 40.94” (1040mm)
  • Table Size (wood working)(L x W): 16 1/2″ x 16.1/2” (419mm x 419mm)
  • Tilt Table (Deg.): -45° to +45°
  • Table Rotation (Deg.): 360°
  • Chuck Size: 5/8” (3-16mm)
  • Column Diameter: 3.62” (92mm)
  • Base Size (L x W): 22 1/4” x 17 1/2″ (565mm x 445mm)
  • Power Supply: 110-120V, 15A, 1.75HP; 220-240V, 10-15A, 2HP (Requires optional plug change)


Final Thoughts

The Nova Voyager DVR was very easy to use, and the digital display pretty much walks the user through any setup. Power is smooth and the 6-inch travel provides for some pretty large material. For only a few bucks more than a typical belt and pulley drill press, you can purchase the Voyager variable speed drill press ($1,499). We did notice that the beeps or alarms for alerting the user of depth, etc. was not very loud. This seems that it could be an easy fix and we’ll see is this is changed in later versions. We could see any shop improving efficiency with a Nova Voyager DVR, and the value seems well worth it.

To purchase your Nova Voyager DVR variable speed drill press, click here.


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