Shop Fox W1680 17-inch Drill Press

The Shop Fox W1680 17-inch Drill Press with overall height of 65-1/2″ is suited for an average size cabinet shop or small machine shop. It’s very similar to the Jet JDP-17 17-inch drill press, but the motor size is larger. With the 1 horsepower aluminum finned motor, the floor-mounted drill is capable of a variety of drilling applications such as on wood, metal, and plastic. Also, the drill press has Morse Taper #3 for the larger direct mount and for the closely spaced spindle shaft bearings, allowing  the drill press to drill a precise and clean cuts. Adding the precision ground work table, spindle, base, and column of the Shop Fox W1680 ensures dependable accuracy.


The floor model drill press 14″ diameter cast iron work table can be tilt from 90 degrees to 0 degrees. It has 12 speeds in RPM that ranges from 150, 260, 320, 380, 480, 540, 980, 1160, 1510, 1650, 2180, and 3050.  The Shop Fox W1680’s maximum spindle travel is 3-1/4″, distance from spindle to table is 31-1/2″, maximum distance from spindle to base is 49″, and the keyed chuck size is 5/8″.

In addition, its single phase motor is V-belt drive, 60 Hz, 10 Amps, 110 V, and its bearings are shielded and lubricated. The Shop Fox W1680 also features rubber coated quick-adjust handles for a comfortable gripping, and a built-in light. The W1680 is also packaged with a drill chuck, and a paddle switch with removable safety key.

Shop Fox W1680 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press Key Features

  • Morse taper #3
  • Toggle type switch
  • Built-in light
  • 12 speeds
  • Precision ground cast iron table
  • Rubber coated handles

Shop Fox W1680 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press SpecificationsShop Fox W1680 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press

  • Motor size: 1 HP, 1,720 RPM, 10 Amps
  • Power Transfer: V-belt drive
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Overall height: 65-1/2″
  • Spindle travel: 3-1/4″
  • Number of speeds: 12
  • Drill chuck: 5/8″
  • Spindle taper: MT#3
  • Range of speeds: 140-3,050 RPM
  • Swing: 17″
  • Drilling capacity: 1″ steel
  • Table size: 14″ diameter
  • Approx. shipping weight: 220 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years


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