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Make centralizing your dust collection system a breeze with the Air Handling Systems Clamp duct system. Are you tired of switching your portable dust collector from tool to tool? Worse yet, are you still using a shop vacuum or even sweeping sawdust from the floor after each project? If one of these is your scenario, it’s time you look for a centralized dust collection system. Before making a final decision on equipment or machinery, you need to figure out your ducting for this new system.


It’s not atypical to walk into woodworking shops to see 57 varieties of dust collection equipment, ducting and supplies. You may see PVC ducted to corrugated pipe, connected to a sheet metal AC duct connector, foil-taped to sheet metal pipe, going back to dryer duct, connected to some vacuum atop a trash bin. As the shop grows and demand increases, we focus on production/output, not necessarily shop maintenance or upgrades. Sooner or later the woodworker realizes that this type of system hinders or decreases output; therefore, your gross revenue and profit margin suffer from the labor of cleanup.

Air Handling Systems Clamp Duct SystemThinking ahead and planning the right system can prepare you for growth and even mitigate the need to redo your dust collection system in the future. Sure, you can always add to and upgrade equipment, but you shouldn’t have to replace the whole duct system. With the Clamp Duct System from Air Handling Systems, they not only make it easy to install that duct pipe and fittings, but your future upgrades become simple as well.

Air Handling Systems Clamp Duct System Features

The heart of the clamp duct system is the barrel-type clamp that attaches two rolled edges of ducting together. These clamps enable the woodworker to build their system without any special tools. Clamps even make it possible to clamp your existing system to new sections from Air Handling Systems line of ducts. With laser-welded seams and heavier gauge fittings, adding the clamp together collars produces an airtight leak-free dust collection system.

Each five-foot section of pipe with rolled edges is available from three (3) inches to twelve (12) inches. Uses also choose from a variety of fittings, such as a Y branch, Tee on Taper, Lateral Tee, Floorsweep, Reducers, and Ball Joint, which all of these clamp together with ease. The Air Handling Systems clamp duct system even offers a Lateral Saddle Tap Tee for adding a machine to your existing system. Just cut a hole in the existing pipe, seal and pop-rivet the Saddle Tap over the hole, but make sure you have the necessary CFM for the new opening.

AHS Quick Fit Pipe

Pipe Available 3″ – 12″

Manual Blast Gate

Manual Blast Gate

AHS Ball Joint

AHS Ball Joint


Dust collection is important for our woodworking environment, regardless of the size of the shop, big or small. OSHA and other regulatory requirements are starting to crack down on this as well. As much as we don’t like government or groups dictating what we should do, sometimes it makes business and safety sense to make a change. Dust collection done right will make you smile every time you walk in the shop. Imaging a clean floor and no saw dust to remove when you need to use equipment. Using a system like the Air Handling Systems clamp duct system ensures that you get the most from your investment. We’ll take a closer look at a clamp duct system as we do a full review and installation in a future article on dust collection for a furniture maker. Stay tuned to Shop Tool Reviews..

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