Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector Wall Mount Review

Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector FI 2

I have a small shop, so every square foot counts. Any tool that enters my shop has to earn its keep. But that doesn’t make me unique. I don’t know any woodworker who has room to waste no matter how big their shop is. So when it was time for me to install a dust collection system I was naturally interested in the Wall Mount Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector for it’s size and power. What I learned though was that it’s greatest strength was peace of mind.


Dust is dangerous. In 2002 the U.S. government put wood dust on their list of “known carcinogens,” linking it to a variety of nose, throat, and lung cancers. So above all, a dust collection system needs to move large volume of air at a high velocity. Then, it needs to collect it, and filter it out on the other end. In this arena, the Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector performs very well, especially for the cost. For $250 you get a ¾ HP motor that moves an impressive 650 CFM of air through a 4 inch inlet. The Dust Right is also quiet, only operating at about 85 Dbs which is nice to have one less thing assaulting your ears in the shop.


Included in the kit is a 15 gallon bag that filters out particles as small as 30 microns. The bag is a little small, but it’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make to save space. 30 microns will filter out the bulk of wood dust, but the really small stuff that’s most dangerous is at 10 microns and below. If you want to step up the safety rating, you can opt for a 5 micron bag filter for another $33. Or for another $200 bucks you can get a Dust Right® Canister Filter. Canister filters are definitely the best way to go, and this premium pleated fabric filter removes particles down to 1 micron. The canister adds some cost to the unit, but it’s still around $100 cheaper than any other DC with a canister filter that I’ve found, plus it takes up less space.

Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector FI

Dust Right and Planer

Dust Right and Planer

Curing the Clog

I do have to mention that I experienced some clogging at the inlet. Mostly, this occurred when milling down larger boards on the planer. Correcting all clogs was as simple as installing a second stage dust separator. Using the Dust Right® 4” Dust Separator Components, a Dust Right 90 degree elbow, a 1 foot section of flexible hose (all available on Rockler’s website) as well as a relatively inexpensive plastic bin I was able to quickly add a cyclonic separator. If you have the space I recommend anyone who buys this Dust Right Dust Collector converts it to a two stage system anyway. It reduces the frequency of emptying the bag, and provides another level of separation for the dust before it hits the filter. So no more clogging, but it did increase the footprint of the overall setup.

Rockler is planning to come out with a larger 1250 CFM Wall Mount dust collector later in 2018 and I’ll be interested to see if that model corrects the clogging without the need for a second stage. While we’re talking about the future, expect this and other models to be going through a color change. Instead of the Dust Right Gold with Blue Stripe, this will come in a sharp looking Rockler Blue Metal in the near future.

Accessories & Dust Management Solutions

Dust Right Dust Collector CloseupIf you’re eyeballing this Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector, then odds are you have a small shop too. Or maybe just a one off tool that’s too much trouble to plumb in to your main dust collection system. Either way Rockler already thought of all the bits and pieces you need to make this system work for your space. Here’s a few that I’m using, but their website has a ton more.

Dust Right Expandable Hoses

The Dust Right® 4” Diameter Expandable Hoses are incredibly stretchy so you don’t have to wrestle hoses into those hard to reach corners of your shop. Then, they neatly collapse back down into a compact stack for storage.

High Quality Fittings

Rockler also has high quality fittings. If you’ve ever been disappointed in the past with cheap fittings coming in variety of sizes even though they’re supposed to all be 4 inches, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Every one of the Rockler Dust Right connectors, elbows, and tool ports fit perfectly on the Dust Right Quick Change Handle creating a tight seal.

Rockler Quick Change Handle

Rockler Quick Change Handle

Dust Right Quick Change Handle

Quick Change HandleDon’t forge the Dust Right Quick Change Handle. This handle provides a great solution if your shop is not currently plumbed with a permanent ducting system. Combined with the expandable hoses and fittings mentioned above, you can easily switch between tools to keep productivity going. The Dust Right Quick Change Handle is fitted with a rotating collar. This collar can break the seal of suction for a quicker tool change or when using the floor sweep accessories. It’s a great idea, but I noticed this collar doesn’t really create an airtight seal. Gaps are obviously the enemy of any dust collection system. We hope to see Rockler improve on this design with the next generation.

Living with the Dust Right System

After weeks of YouTube videos and research my head was starting to spin. All these options, and still the work that needed to be done to setup a dust collection system in my shop. I was on full information overload and wasn’t sure which way I wanted to go. Eventually I just picked the Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector as a good starting point. At least, until I could figure out my longer term plan. After a few months of using this system, I’ve come to realize it’s genius isn’t as obvious as what is listed on the specifications page.


I don’t mean to minimize the specs, at the end of the day the dust collector needs to move air. But, think about the tools you go to the most. They’re the ones that make sense and work on all kinds of jobs. That’s what the Rockler Dust Right dust collector does for dust collection. It makes it easy by creating an ecosystem of dust collection options and accessories. Rather than getting married to one big unit, the Dust Right system is OK if you don’t quite know what you want right now.

So don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out. If you realize later you need to adapt your dust collection system, Rockler has your back. If you’re just getting started in dust collection, and you’re going cross eyed trying to design a dust collection system, just relax. Get the Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector, and rest assured that it’s going to suck the stripes off a zebra.

Dust Right Dust Collector CloseupDust Right Dust Collector Specifications

  • Decibel Rating: 80-85db
  • Brand: Dust Right
  • Manufacturer Part Number: TADC-34WN
  • Weight (lbs): 50.0500
  • Amps: 12
  • Volts: 110
  • Height: 48″
  • Capacity: 15 Gallons
  • Flow Rate: 650 CFM
  • Filter Type: Bag
  • HP: 3/4 HP


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