Rupes Dust Extractor S145EPL – Dust Free Body Work

Rupes Dust Extractor S145EPL
Dust Extractor
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The Rupes S145EPL dust extractor is an electro-pneumatic vacuum that works with electric or air-powered sanders. Just activate the throttle on your sander and the Rupes S145EPL automatically comes on, removing dust from your surface while you work.

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The Rupes dust extractor can change the way you work. Walk into a body shop and one of the first things you’ll notice is the amount of dust everywhere. Most of this dust is typically accumulated from sanding primer and body-filler. Most shops have pneumatic sanders with no dust extraction; therefore, this dust particulate goes airborne immediately, coating everything in the shop. Said particulate is also very very fine, so it gets into every nook and cranny. Try to suck it up with a shop vac, and you still get showered with primer dust getting past the standard pleated filter.

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Rupes Dust Extractor S145EPL Features

With the S145EPL Rupes dust extractor, you can use typical pneumatic (air) sanders or electric sanders. Once you hit the throttle on the sander, the vacuum (dust extractor) roars to life. All the residual particulate from the sanded surface is pulled through the sandpaper and pad and into the vacuum. A dual-filter system keeps the air exiting the vacuum clean and dust-free. A fleece bag catches all the larger material and pre-filters the air, then a pleated filter does the rest before sending the cleaned air back into the shop.

Rupes Dust Extractor Filter

Dual Filtered

For powering pneumatic tools, you just plug in a single air line on the rear of the Rupes S145EPL. On the front of the Rupes dust extractor are two (2) air outlets, allowing for two air sanders. Also on the front is a standard 120V outlet for electric sanders. The knob on the right-front allows you to run the dust extractor in “M” (manual) or “A” (automatic). Manual works just like a vacuum, just turning the unit on. Automatic will let the power tools (electric or pneumatic) call the dust extractor on. Also in Automatic, you can dial in the power or suction that you desire.

Check out the S145EPL Rupes Dust Extractor here.

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