JLT Clamps Glue Roller Spreader #171 Preview

JLT 171 Glue Roller Spreader

When your shop has reached the point of performing consistent production or the projects are getting larger, it’s time for a real glue spreader. JLT Clamps #171 Glue Roller Spreader will fit the bill for your busy shop, adding efficiency in time and product. With a 13” wide glue roll, the glue application becomes much more uniform.


Too little glue will weaken joints (as will too much), so applying the correct amount of glue, or glue thickness, ensures strength and integrity. In addition, too much glue is just that, too much glue. This is a waste of product and waste of money. Cleaning up all the mess can be a pain as well, again adding more time to the project.

JLT #171 Glue Roller Spreader Features

JLT 171 Doctor Roll JLT Clamps glue roller spreader has the stainless steel “Doctor Roll”, separate from the felt glue roller (drum). The container is made of stainless steel as well. The 13-inch wide glue roll rotates one way, while the doctor roll spins in the opposite direction. The fully adjustable doctor roll ensures precise and correct glue application.

The roller is electrically driven to make application a breeze and the included slip clutch provides additional safety in the unlikely case of a bind. Not only is the JLT glue roller spreader great for application, but it also provides for overnight glue storage. Whether you are gluing long or short stock, the #171 glue roller spreader quickly adjusts to your needs.


Make your glue process efficient and fun again. Keep the mess away and save on your time and glue with the JLT Clamps #171 glue roller spreader. You may notice that production increases, so you have room for more projects. More projects with the same amount of time equals increase sales and profits.

For more information on the JLT Clamps Glue Roller Spreader, click here.


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