DWS779 DeWalt Miter Saw – Compound Double Bevel

You don’t have to be a carpenter or cabinet maker to understand the benefits of having a miter saw today. The DWS779 DeWalt miter saw brings a heap of added features to the typical miter saw menu. It doesn’t break the bank either. You can pick up this 12-inch sliding compound double-bevel miter saw for just $349, and this includes a 3-year warranty.

DeWalt Miter Saw belt

DeWalt DWS779 Belt Drive

DWS779 DeWalt Miter Saw Features

As mentioned prior, the DeWalt DWS779 is a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw. The strong 15 Amp motor belt drives the 12-inch blade, providing the power to cut up to 6-3/4” in height. This translates to cutting up to 7-1/2″ crown molding.

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For your miter cuts, a detent plate with 10 positive stops allows you to quickly transition between common miter degree. A small spring-loaded trigger handle is depressed, so the miter can swing left or right. Let go of the trigger and it will automatically lock into the next positive-stop detent. A locking miter handle provides infinite degrees of variation between 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left, for the perfect custom cut. As we all know, square corners rarely are 90° square corners.

DeWalt Miter Saw Miter Lock

Locking Miter Handle

The sliding rails on the DWS779 DeWalt miter saw allow the 12-inch blade to cut up to a 2×14 at 90° and a 2×10 at 45°. For those cuts in typical 2×4 lumber and other smaller material, you can use the sliding lockout to keep the cutting head and blade stationary. This same lockout is a necessity for storing and travel. With the DeWalt DWS779 double bevel, you can cut a 45° bevel to the left, or to the right. Adjusting the bevel easy by turning the large 3-point knob in the rear of the saw. Just loosen it a 1/2-turn, then move the saw to the desired bevel and re-tighten the knob.

Positive Depth Stop

I believe, one of the most overlooked features on a miter saw, like the DWS779 DeWalt miter saw, is the adjustable depth stop. This small feature comes in very handy when you need it, and when you know how to use it. For situations when you have to make redundant cuts that don’t penetrate the wood completely, you can engage the adjustable depth. Just flip down the stop, and then you can adjust the socket screw by loosening the wingnut first. This allows you to adjust the cutting depth. When you’re ready to make through cuts again, quickly raise (disengage) the stop. This keeps your adjustment where you want it, and you can just flip the stop down to reengage the stop.

Final Thoughts

You get a load of features with the DeWalt DWS779 12-inch sliding miter saw. The 15-amp motor is as much power as you can draw before tripping breakers. With sliding dual bevel and the double-miter, you’re setup for just about any finishing job. At $349, it’s not the cheapest saw on the aisle, but it doesn’t break the bank either. Feature for feature, it’s hard to beat this saw for the price, and this DWS779 DeWalt miter saw comes with a 3-year warranty.

Get it at the Home Depot.

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