Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw

Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw

Milwaukee recently announced one of the newest additions to the M18 Fuel lineup, the Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw. Weighing in at only 28 lbs (with the battery attached), this cordless saw makes sense for anyone prioritizing portability. Due for release in September 2017, this 7-1/4″ model is ideal for trim and finishing work.

Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw Key Features


Right now, the Milwaukee M18 7-1/4″ Cordless Miter Saw is the only dual beveling and sliding miter saw in its class. It cuts at bevel angles of up to 48°, both left and right. It includes an adjustable stainless steel detent plate with 11 detent stops. A detent override allows this saw to be locked into place for more control at uncommon angles. With a 3-1/2” vertical capacity, 2×8 horizontal capacity, and 3-5/8” nested crown capacity, this saw makes a great solution for finishing applications.Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw


Probably the biggest talking point surrounding the Milwaukee M18 7-1/4″ Cordless Miter Saw is its weight. At only 28 lbs, this saw is light. It features integrated side and top handles for easy transportation. When mounted to Milwaukee’s newest miter saw stand, the whole ensemble weighs in at only 59 lbs with the battery attached.


This new saw delivers 5,000 RPM for fast and clean cuts. It can cut 3-1/4″ board 600 times, or make 300 cuts on 2×4 with a single charge, eliminating multiple battery changes. It also features a shadow cut line indicator. Where laser guides can sometimes be inaccurate, this saw casts LED light onto both sides of the blade. This projects a distinct and clean shadow line the width of the blade onto the cutting surface.


The Milwaukee M18 7-1/4″ Cordless Miter Saw will become available in September of 2017. It will retail for around $399 for just the tool or $499 for the kit.Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw

Final Thoughts

This cordless saw seems like a great option. When there aren’t any power sources readily available, and when dragging a generator and extension cord to the jobsite feels like a hassle, the idea of a cordless, 28 lb miter saw seems like less of a burden. And, considering the smaller blade and the jobs for which this tool is intended, losing power halfway through a cut probably won’t be much of an issue. This dual bevel sliding miter saw retains the functionality of a corded version, but without the irksome cords. When you can get your finishing work done on one charge, the benefits of a cordless saw might outweigh its detriments.

Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw Specs

  • Blade Diameter: 7-1/4”Milwaukee M18 7-1/4-inch Cordless Miter Saw
  • No Load RPM: 5,000
  • Arbor Size: 5/8”
  • Bevel: Dual
  • Slide: Yes
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Vertical Capacity Base Against Fence: 3-1/2”
  • Vertical Capacity Nested Crown: 3-5/8”
  • 45° Bevel Capacity:  3/4”
  • 90° Cross Cut Capacity: 2”
  • 90° Cross Cut Capacity (max width): 2×8
  • 45° Miter Cut Capacity (max height): 2”
  • 45° Miter Cut Capacity (max width): 2×6
  • Max Bevel Angle (L/R): 48/48
  • Max Miter Angle (L/R): 48/48
  • Includes: Tool, (1) RedLithium XC 5.0 Battery Pack, M18 and M12 Charger, Blade Wrench, Carbide Tipped Blade, Dust Bag, and Clamp
  • Model Number: 2733-21
  • Also available as bare tool (2733-20)

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