RYOBI HP Miter Saw Video Review PBLMS01


PBLMS01 RYOBI HP Miter Saw Features

The Brushless motor and High-Performance One+ 18V battery on the PBLMS01 RYOBI HP Miter Saw push performance to a new level. It hasn’t been long since we reviewed the older RYOBI 18V Miter Saw, but this new HP Miter saw is a whole new beast. The included 40T blade spins at 4100 RPM cutting through 2×12 lumber with ease. You can set the axis angle from 0-45 degrees, angled to the left. The blade can be turned to miter 45-degrees to the left or the right. There are 9 different detents where the saw will automatically stop on 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 on either side. 


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RYOBI HP Miter Saw PBLMS01_3

To bypass the auto detents for the miter table, you can depress the small secondary trigger. Once you do this, you can set the miter at any place and then use the thumb-screw to secure. There is a depth stop as well which lets you set the amount of depth you want the blade to cut. If you want to bypass this option, you can just slide the stop over. An included canvas bag does a decent job of catching the airborne sawdust. Of course, hooking up the dust extractor pulls even more particulate from the air, hence leaving a cleaner environment. 


Final Thoughts

You can get the PBLMS01 10″ RYOBI HP Miter Saw with the 4Ah HP battery, charger, and saw for less than $400. You also get a 3-year warranty to cover the tool. If you’re a professional framer or woodworker, then you’re probably going to look for a saw with more features. Of course, you’ll be spending much more as well. If you’re a DIY carpenter or someone that’s entering the professional space, the RYOBI PBLMS01  is a great choice, especially for the price. 

RYOBI PBLMS01 HP Miter Saw at Home Depot

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