RYOBI PTS01 Track Saw One+ HP 18V 6-1/2″ Video Review

RYOBI PTS01 Track Saw FI

RYOBI PTS01 Track Saw Features

While it may not be the most polished, the RYOBI PTS01 Track Saw delivers with plenty of power and features to get you in the door. Most other tool manufacturers releasing track saws are at least double the price of the PTS01. This 6-1/2″ circular plunge saw is part of the RYOBI One+ HP lineup which gives you a brushless motor powered by their 18-volt HP battery. Included in the kit is the PTS01b saw, a charger, 4Ah HP battery, and two 27-1/2″ aluminum tracks. The tracks can be easily joined using a simple Allen wrench (included). 

RYOBI PTS01 Track Saw_3

The base of the saw (shoe) is a composite plastic material that does have some flex. Some adjustments on the 3 thumbscrews definitely help in providing a truer cut from the RYOBI PTS01. You should also pay close attention when joining the two tracks, ensuring that the edge of the track is nice and straight. Keep in mind that the first cut should be a sacrificial cut to cut the rubber membrane, so it represents the true cut-line of the blade. The 6-1/2″ blade turns up to 4,300 RPM and you get a 40-tooth blade with the kit. We recommend stepping up to a 60T blade if you’re cutting really nice wood.  A switch near the trigger allows you to choose between cutting, scoring, or maintenance (blade change) modes. 

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Ample Power From the RYOBI Track Saw

While the RYOBI PTS01 track saw does have its limits on features, power is not one of them. Whether cutting at 0/90-degrees or a 45, this track saw has no problem powering through the cut. Dust extraction definitely helps in reducing the amount of residual sawdust blowing around your work area. You can get the RYOBI PTS01 Track Saw for just $299 for the kit, and it includes a 3-year warranty. 

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