Triangular Saw Blade Video

Triangle Saw Blade

Do you like your circular saw, but wish it had more versatility? Have you ever thought about how much more use you’d get out of your table saw if it would just cut a radius? Or, have you wished you could drag your circular saw sideways to groove out your workpiece? Have you simply wanted to send your local OSHA representative into a conniption fit? Well, with this triangular saw blade, now you can!


Wait, A Triangular Saw Blade?

That’s right, the Delta Miracle Blade can accomplish all these tasks with only minimal risk to your life and limbs. And, what’s more, this triangular saw blade will only set you back $19.95, and an extra $3 for shipping and handling. Of course, to get this incredible deal, you might have to hop in your DeLorean and drive straight back to 1985.

For some reason, this idea never really took off, though we can’t imagine why. In any case, if time travel ever becomes a possibility, maybe we’d like the chance to test out one of these triangular saw blades. Definitely keep your eyes glued to this site to see how this story develops.

To check out the full advertisement for Delta’s triangular saw blade, click here.








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