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Wood turning is an art of its own, even within the woodworking community and profession. An essential piece of equipment needed for wood turning is the lathe. The Egyptians were the first to use a lathe, which dates back to 1,300 BC, and it required two people to operate. A lot has changed since then, and we are thankful for this. In fact, the new JET JWL-1840DVR wood lathe brings some of the newest technology to an affordable platform.

As with most of their tools, the Jet JWL-1840DVR wood lathe is built with versatility and durability in mind. The headstock slides the full length of the bed, while it pivots 360º with seven locking positions. I really like the included four-inch cast iron risers, so you can choose which height works best for you. Standing at 6’3”, I understand the importance of having your work at a comfortable height.


JET History

JET Equipment was born in 1958 when the founder of the company, Leslie P. Sussman, took the first Boeing Jet Airplane trip from Seattle, WA to Japan. Beginning in the 70’s JET introduced a full line of industrial air tools and material handling products. By the mid ’80s JET launched its woodworking product category rounding out the largest breath of product categories under one brand.   In the 90’s JET grew from being just an importer of high quality machines and tools to designing and manufacturing its own products to stringent specifications.

JET JWL-1840DVR  – Model# 719650

Whether you’re intentions are to turn table legs, candlesticks or bowls, the JWL-1840DVR is up to the task. JET’s new lathe handles working material up to 18” wide and 40” long.

JET JWL-1840DVR Wood Lathe


Woodworkers confirm the desired speed of the lathe with the conveniently located digital readout. With just the twist of a dial, the user adjusts the speed, which is completely variable from 40 to 3,200 RPM. New technology within the motor and drive system allow for consistent torque across the RPM range, without belt changes. The beauty of the consistent torque and the motor maintaining speed is there is less likelihood of bogging down. Traditional motors consume twice as much power as the DVR model, included on the JET JWL-1840DVR wood lathe. Furthermore, an optional educational mode is available that includes electronic braking, catch shut down, and idle shut off.

The locking handle is accessible from the front of the JWL-1840DVR with the newly designed headstock. Dual headstock spindle bearings used in the extended spindle nose ensure a long usable life. JET expands versatility and convenience with the sliding headstock that pivots 360 degrees. As well as sliding, the headstock also has seven positive locking positions. Improving on the tailstock was not missed either, as it includes an anti-rotation key in the quill locking mechanism. Acme threads are used in the tailstock for a consistent and smooth movement, in addition to making the JWL-1840DVR more durable.

Safety being in the forefront of JET’s designs, the remote emergency stop button is adjustable to the user. The stop button can be placed anywhere along the lathe bed. To securely hold the tool post, JET’s banjo includes a non-marring, positive locking wedge system. For convenience, the JET JWL-1840DVR wood lathe includes a leg-mounted tool holder, a rubber tool mat on top of the headstock, and a spindle lock latch that frees both hands.


  • Swing Over Bed: 18-1/2 in.
  • Swing Over Tool Rest Base: 14-1/4 in.
  • Distance Between Centers: 40 in.
  • Headstock Movement: Slide & Rotate
  • Spindle Bore: 5/8 in.
  • Tailstock Bore: 3/8 in.
  • Spindle Taper: MT2
  • Quill Taper: MT2
  • Quill Travel (In.) 4-1/4 in.
  • Spindle Thread: 1-1/4″/8 TPI
  • Speed Range: 40-3200 RPM
  • Number of Indexing Positions: 36
  • Centerline of Spindle to Floor: 39-1/4 in.; 43-1/4 in. w/risers
  • Bed Construction: Cast Iron
  • Motor Power: 2 HP
  • Motor Voltage: 230V
  • Prewired Voltage: 230V



If you want to start turning wood or just upgrade your equipment, then you should take a look at the JET JWL-1840DVR wood lathe. With 36 integrated indexing positions and a completely variable high-efficiency motor, the JWL-1840DVR is built for versatility. The JET Red Assurance 5-Year Warranty covers against manufacturer defects, which provides confidence to the claimed durability. We look forward to getting our hands on one these JET lathes soon, so we can give you our full review and results.

If you would like more information on the JET JWL-1840DVR wood lathe, please click here.


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