GEARWRENCH Heated Jacket Video Review – Canvas and Hooded

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GEARWRENCH Heated Jacket Features

Why review one GEARWRENCH Heated Jacket when we can review two? We have the new Canvas Heated Jacket and the standard Heated Hooded Jacket. The Canvas model has more of a Carhart look and feel, but in the GEARWRENCH black. The regular hooded heated jacket has a slimmer look with contrasting orange zippers.

We included the GEARWRENCH Canvas Heated Jacket in our Christmas Gift Guide for 2021 Video, so be sure to check it out.

GEARWRENCH Canvas Heated Jacket_3


Power Up Puck

Rather than your typical tool batteries in some of the other tool-branded jackets, the GEARWRENCH Heated Jacket receives power from a square puck. This puck-style battery is much more comfortable to wear, and it hides away nicely in a zippered pocket. Both the Canvas and the hooded jacket offer the same battery and pocket for stowage. A USB type-C cable charges the puck, and you can also charge your phone from the type-C or included type-A USB ports. 4 small lights onboard the battery display the charge status of the battery.

Power Puck Battery

The “GW” logo on the GEARWRENCH heated jackets provide the “ON”/”OFF” power and the power settings (High, Medium, Low). Long-press the “GW” logo to power “ON” the jacket. The logo will blink red, press once more to turn to solid Red (High). Another press of the button will turn it White (Medium), and one more press turns it Blue (Low). The Low setting will provide 10-hours of runtime. Long-press again, and it turns the heating off.

GEARWRENCH Heated Jacket_2

Final Thoughts

The three carbon-fiber heating elements in each jacket are plenty to keep you warm in most climates. You get one heating element on the left chest, one on the right, then a larger element on your upper back. The GEARWRENCH Canvas Heated Jacket is built tough and should hold up to about anything. The regular hooded heated jacket provides a more modern look that fits for going out on the town. You can get the Canvas GEARWRENCH Jacket for $219 and the other goes for $199. Christmas deals have the price much better.

From $199 at GW Heated

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