RIDGID Heated Jacket Video Review [Heats 3-1/2 Hours on High]

Ridgid Heated Jacket FI

When the temperature hits the 30s (F) in Central Florida, we’re not sure what to do. It sure is nice to have the RIDGID heated jacket around to warm things up. The Home Depot #sponsored sent one of the Ridgid jackets out for us to try as part of their #THDprospective program. I really didn’t care why and how we got it, hence I was just glad we got it. This Florida boy can’t take the cold.

Ridgid Heated Jacket Power Button

RIDGID Heated Jacket Features

Powered by the RIDGID 18V Li Ion battery, the heated jacket has 3 heat modes. Holding the power button for a few seconds, located inside the left lapel, powers-On the jacket. The red light displays letting you know it’s on the high power setting. Press the button briefly again and the color changes for Yellow (medium). Press once again and the color goes to White (Low). We tested the jacket on High, and the 18V 1.5Ah battery powered the heated jacket for 3-hrs 36-minutes. We would expect Low to last about double that.

Ridgid Heated Jacket Runtime

Ridgid Heated Jacket PhoneIn addition to heating, the 18V power adapter and battery allow you to plug in your phone to charge. A small reinforced slit in the battery pocket allows you to route your charger cable up to the chest pocket or the right-hand lower pocket. Your phone stays tucked away in your pocket, charging, without any cords showing.

Included with the jacket is a zip-off hood that protects your head from the elements as well. An elastic drawstring around the front border will tighten up, further minimizing the effects of the elements. Another elastic drawstring borders the bottom of the jacket skirt as well. Shooting the heating elements with our IR imager showed over 100F while the rest of the jacket was in the 50s and 60s.

Ridgid Heated Jacket OutdoorsTo get yours from Home Depot, click RIDGID 18V Heated Jacket

RIDGID Heated Jacket Specifications

  • 3 heating zones provide maximum warmth
  • 3 heat settings allow users to customer jacket to their needs
  • Removable hood provides convenience
  • Wrinkle-resistant with an elastic banded waist and 4 pockets
  • Features a cell phone pocket and cell phone cord management included USB Power Source can be used to charge electronics on the go
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes: (1) R87024NK Men’s X-Large 18-Volt Black Heated Jacket, (1) AC86072B Portable Power Source, (1) R840085 18-Volt 1.5 Ah Battery, (1) R86092 18-Volt Charger, and operator’s manual

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